Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More Neighbors

Not too much going on here...we've had some beautiful days here, though! I'm getting ready to do some Mother's Day gardening on Sunday, friends! That's my activity of choice on my day. I want Zuddy and the Noodle close-by so I can gaze at them and feel grateful, but no demands on me, thank you very much!! Luckily, Zuddy is the very best husband and Daddy and he's really good at intercepting any would-be parenting requests from the Noodle.

Speaking of the Noodle....Promgoer Rachel was kind enough to interrupt her big day and think about the Noodle. She passed on a bunch of furniture perfect for an American Girl doll(s)! The Noodle loves these "bump beds" the best. Grandma made new mattresses and bed spreads. Thanks, Rachel! We will take good care of your gifts!

So, I have to tell you about more great neighbors of ours. Patti and Ricardo. I just met them this year. They have four children - 3 of them go to the Noodles school, so I see Patti or Ricardo (mainly Ricardo) at the bus stop every morning. They only live 2 blocks from us and they have a thriving home daycare. I wish I would've known about them when the Noodle was daycare-aged. They speak spanish in their home, so all the kids are bilingual by the time they leave Patti and Ricardo's daycare!

You know how you just look at someone and you can tell they are good? That's Patti and Ricardo. They both came from Mexico where Patti was a Kindergarten teacher. I'm not sure what Ricardo did in Mexico, but I know he has a degree in Physics! So smart!! He's helping Patti with her daycare right now, but our neighbor Gretchen is helping him find a program to get his teaching license. He's a whiz at Math and a natural teacher, so this will be perfect for him. Not only that, but both he and Patti are so soft-spoken yet strict. When they are at the bus stop the kids are happily lined up single file with the oldest child at the back of the line to make sure the little ones get on the bus without getting hurt. They are always dispensing hugs and "I love yous" to their kids and daycare charges. Their 6th grade boy has no qualms about standing at the bus with his arm around his dad and an "I love you" before getting on the bus. I just get that warm fuzzy feeling when I see their family. They're are such good eggs!

Just wanted to introduce you to them. I'm so proud they're my neighbors!

Speaking of neighbors, it was a gorgeous evening last night! The noodle had a friend over after school and when her Mom came to pick her up, she brought their new puppy, Max, a Goldendoodle. He's 12 weeks old and HUGE, people! But anyway, my neighbor, Theresa, her son and grandkids were outside, so all of the kids got together and ran Max up and down the block while the adults visited. It was such a great night with friendly neighbors and a lot of laughing.

So I'm feeling grateful and lucky today. Hope you feel the same. Enjoy your friends and neighbors! They make life so much fun!


Amy said...

I feel like we hybernate all winter and hardly ever see anyone in the neighborhood because it is cold and dark when we get home from work. So one of my favorite things when the weather gets warmer and sun stays out longer is that we are outside after work and have impromtu visits with neighbors. Just sitting on the steps chatting and watching the kids play, love it!

Pen said...

Our neighbors are friendly and all, but no one really hangs out or visits with anyone else. Sometimes I wish we lived in one of those block party, get together neighborhoods.