Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Hope all of you Mommies out there had a great day! What did you do? And what's your favorite way to celebrate Mother's day? C'mon! I want to hear it!

Zuddy ended up going mushroom hunting/dirt biking/camping with a friend yesterday and will be gone for a couple of days. He will give me a proper mother's day next Sunday. I don't know if he's realized how I've been milking mother's day every year. Seriously. It's now up to a 3 day long extravaganza. He just takes the Noodle and spends time with her so I can do whatever I want. On friday night he had her cleaning the air filters to his dirt bikes. She loves doing that!! Isn't that hilarious?

I've had a busy week here. I'm still working out the kinks to one of my recipes (even as I type this), so I haven't been blogging much at all. I've been a very good girl, trying to get my work done!

This is so sad - one day last week (Thursday) I went for a walk with neighbor Gretchen and her pup, Rocket, who wasn't feeling great. We walked to a neighborhood coffee shop to have lunch. Well, later on that day Rocked died. How horrible. He was a great dog. A golden retriever and the sweetest guy ever. I truly loved him. Luckily, Gretchen was holding him and comforting him when it happened. She was just about to take him to the Vet, too. So that's extra sad. I really didn't think he was that sick - he just didn't seem all that excited to see anyone and really wasn't loving our walk like he normally did. I hope he's in doggie Heaven getting his tummy scratched. Well, I know he is.


Now that I'm between jobs (I start a month-long stint in June) I have a big check-list of things to do: I need to finish painting my living and dining room ceilings. I painted them in February, but ran out of paint when I was almost done. I'm going to finish tomorrow. I need to run out and get the paint. As you can see, I painted it blue. I just love it. I've been seeing this color on ceilings a lot lately - especially in Cottage Living Magazine (my absolute fave). It looks great with the gold walls in the living and dining room.

Also on my list:
1. Get the garden in.
2. Take the wall paper in the kitchen off and put new stuff on.
3. Have the new countertops, sink and faucet put in.
4. Buy all the remaining trim for the kitchen (floor, upper cabs) and paint it so it's ready to install
5. Paint the beaded board on the ends of the cabinets.
6. Schedule the flooring to be put in. I think I'm going to have them remove the old flooring, too. From what everybody tells me, it's a giant pain in the butt. I will schedule this for July, when I'm done working.

So, I've got 3 weeks to get all of this done. Plenty of time!

Oh! I forgot!! I will be getting this ugly beast of a hutch from my Mom, who is moving! I'll need to paint it. I'm going to try and antique it, too. It will be good practice for me, as I'd kind of like to do some antiquing of my upper cabinets. I'm really afraid to do it without trying it on something else first. So anyway, what color should I paint it?? My first instinct is black with some red underneath. But then there wouldn't be any antiquing involved. And the bottom is made of gorgeous 1970's laminate and plastic, I do believe. It will be going in my office/playroom and will hold American Girl Doll accessories on the bottom and my office stuff in the top.
So I'd love some color advice from all of you fabby decorators out there!!

Have a great day everyone!


Amy said...

You need to understand last year before this year...Last year on Mother's Day I went out for brunch with my husband, 3 kids, my mom, my sister and her 3 kids. So that's 2 moms, 1 grandma, 6 kids and 1 dad...we were missing grandpa and brother-in-law because, as always, the MN Fishing Opener is on Mother's Day weekend so many a mom is spends mother's day alone with the kids...hmmm...that's not a big departure from the ordinary!

Anyway, what a disaster, we were at a very nice buffet brunch with 6 kids under 6. Yikes! It was very crowded and pretty miserable for all of us.

So fast forward one year...we decide the best mother's day would be for the mothers to go out and have lunch by ourselves and leave the kids at home. Mom, sister, and I spent the afternoon having lunch, a visit to grandma, and then some shopping. It was lovely! Daddy stayed home and took the kids to the park.

I do have to add that my little ones did bring me their adorable homemade gifts (the best kind!) and breakfast in bed to start out the day!

Hope you enjoy your Mother's Weekend!

Martha said...

Okay, Aim,

Last year sounds like a slice of HELL!! I'm glad that you changed it up this year!!

I love homemade gifts, too! This year Gracie's teacher had the kids write us a letter, which was adorable. They didn't get any help and they were doing their best to spell in English, which none of them know how to do. Maybe I will post it. It's pretty cute!

Did you buy anything fun?


Kim said...

I've only had 2 mother's days, so I'm going to keep trying different activities to see which are my favorite...I'll get back to you in a few years! haha.

You should see the 70s armoire re-do that Tracy at Notes from a Cottage Industry did: That might give you an idea of what to do with yours.

amy said...

We were finishing up our wedding shopping for my sister's wedding on Saturday.

HeatherJ said...

Hi Martha. Just curious ... did you ever get to painting this?

HeatherJ said...

Oh, I was going to give you a link to Tracey's armoire redo, but it looks like Kim was all over that.

Oh, so instead check out Dawn's painting tutorial. It's really good too.

I was nervous when I painted my first piece too. And it was the cheap practice desk. I had that "it has to look like Cityfarmer's" thing going on too.

But it was *much* easier than I thought it would be. I was all stressed out about the painting lines, but you get to sand everything down a bit so it all turns out perfect.

It's just paint, too, and you can always start over if you mess up.

Now I have plans to repaint my entire bedroom set!