Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nail Brightener

Has anyone else discovered this stuff? It's made by Boots and it's "nail brightener". It's perfect if you just like that clean look for your nails. I keep mine very short, but I want to look well-groomed and this stuff is perfect. Also, it doesn't flake off (well, on me, anyway). It just tends to gently wear off, so you can hardly even tell - it doesn't scream, "I NEED A MANICURE!" LOVE it! Check it out! I think CVS sells it and so does Target.

I need to go and get another quote on the counter tops today. I'll let you know how this turns out.

I'm so bummed. I have a tiny piece of glass in the bottom of my foot. I wanted to go for a walk this morning, but it hurts. I tried soaking it last night - and because I'm a big baby, I avoided anything more invasive than a soaking. I'm going to have to progress to poking now.

Well, maybe I will go for a bike ride later and think of Penny as I pedal! Go Penny!

So guess what I'm going to do now? Put on make-up and real clothes. Yep! Good times :)


Janelle said...

Ooh, I could use that nail brightener stuff! I keep my nails very short, too, esp. when I'm playing guitar.

Hope that glass works its way out quickly!

I have to go put on make-up and real clothes right now, too. Wah!

The Tattered Nest said...

thanks for the tip...I am going to check it out at Target!

Pen said...

I might have to check out that nail brightener too! I keep my nails on the short side as well. I don't like to wear polish very often because it drives me crazy when it begins to chip & peel.

Ouch! I hope the glass works its way out of your foot!

I had to put on real make-up & real clothes today too. That's fun sometimes! ;)

Kim said...

Ouchie! About your foot.

As far as that nail brightener, I'm all over that! I love anything from Boots (British, doncha know...)

Allison said...

Thank you for the tip on the nail brightner. I also keep my nails short and like them to look very clean - I will definitely be getting this stuff. Thank you.