Thursday, May 24, 2007

Volunteer Day

I'm volunteering with my friend Gretchen's school at a food shelf warehouse today. All of the students at the Environmental Sciences High School that she works at need to volunteer several times during the year and she needed another chaperon (is this spelled right? I originally had an "e" at the end of the word, but spell check told me to take it off! Looks funny to me).

Okay, friends. I got more counter top estimates. The first estimate, from Home Depot, was $1600. I went to 2 more places and got a range of $900-$1200. Wow. Much better. The place that's the cheapest was also the one that is more "chi-chi", or so I thought. My friend, Dawn, had told me that this place was cheaper than HD. Pays to listen to your pals!

Now I need to call the flooring person and ask her what it would cost to have their people demo our tile floor in the kitchen.

Other than that, not much is going on here.

Except the Noodle has her first soccer game tonight. She is so excited to play. Zuddy and I have always thought that sports wouldn't be her thing, so we were excited that she was so excited a couple of weeks ago when they had a soccer clinic.

Turns out, she's just in it for the outfit.

Oh - and her friend, Sparkplug. They held hands while they did drills.

So that's a little closer to what we expected out of her.


Amy said...

I love that the Noodle is in soccer only for the outfit! My niece played soccer for one year...when she found out the second year they did not get new uniforms it was over for her!

Let me know which store had the best prices for the countertops. Like I said before, we are looking at the same type of countertop. Thanks for doing all of the legwork for us!!

navybluegirl said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog. Yours is great!

My eldest takes soccer and loves it. It's hilarious watching little 3-year-olds trying to play. He gets totally into it.