Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Unit

Oh, come ON! Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about the television show, people!!! Does anybody out there watch this show? The season 2 finale was a week or two ago, so Zuddy and I got season 1 from Netflix (we just started watching it this year). We stayed up until 1am watching the first disc (I'm a go to bed at 9pm girl, normally.). It's SUCH a great show! It's the one show (besides Antiques Roadshow) we will sit together and watch.

Plus, it has Scott Foley in it.

'Nuff Said. Check it out!

Okay, so the other morning I got up and something weird caught my eye as I passed the Noodle's bedroom (she slept with me that night because Zuddy was on his little trip):

I know, I know. Two dollies asleep. Nothing weird, but something just kind of creeped me out for some reason (I didn't have my glasses on yet):

Aaaarrrrrrrghhhhhh! Doesn't that look kind of creepy? Now that it's 4 days later, it's not as jarring, but believe me, it was disturbing then.

We had the greatest night last night - Zuddy's cousin needed us to watch her 2 boys (ages 4 and 3) while they attended their older daughter's dance recital. They were so darn adorable!!! They rode Noodle's bike and scooter up and down the block all night and everybody stopped by to meet them!

Ina , a senior in HS, was all dressed up and going to prom, so we got to see how beautiful she looked.

Ann, who is a student counselor at the UofM, was walking her shelty, Marty. Helen and John (she's a Mennonite Minister and Hospital Chaplin, he's a Paramedic) stopped by after a 12 mile bike ride.

Then a group of 4 people on bikes, scooters and Rollerblades popped by. I had never met any of them before, but they were so friendly and one of the guys was riding on a really cool recumbent bike, so I asked him about it. Well, Zuddy saw who I was talking to and shook his hand and called him and his wife by name! Turns out, it's this guy who owns a new store in the neighborhood. Zuddy actually told me about the store (it's a consignment store) and how nice the owners were. He brings Noodle there all the time because they always have a fun trinket on sale for the little ones. Boy, are they ever nice. The other two people they were with were a guy and his son from the neighborhood. They just happened to to stop at the store and they all decided to go for a ride together!!! How cool is that??

I think the Noodle and I are going to go to their store today. I was driving by yesterday and saw a really nice Specialized bike just her size!

Anyway, I digress.....the little boys played so hard last night that they needed a bath. Oh my gosh - you should've seen the dirt left in the tub after they got out! It was so cute - we're not used to that with a prissy little girl in our house! Those boys are so much fun!

Isn't that a great evening? Oh! And I went out for Indian food at lunchtime with my friends from work. I love Indian food. Deeeeelish.

I hope you all have a great Saturday! Whatchya doin' today?


The Tattered Nest said...

your blog cracks me up...I have never heard of the show the unit. Isn't it nice to be outside and meeting the neighbors? sometimes I feel like I am always in such a hurry running around that I don't slow down and take enough time to just sit and chat with the neighbors. thanks for reminding me to do that! wow. what a difference a day makes here in Mn...brrr. stay warm today...

mumsflowers said...

Yep -- I watch The Unit -- originally because of '24's President David Palmer and Allstate Insurance spokesperson connection...however Scott was an added benefit...

Kim said...

It sounds like you live in such a great neighborhood, with really friendly people.

I'm here at work on Monday morning, but the weekend was full of errands, gardening, and watching The Sound of Music with the hubby, who HAS NEVER SEEN IT...I know, a crime....

By the way, I agree, that doll is kind of creepy....

Pen said...

I want to move into your neighborhood. Everyone here acts like the fresh air would hurt them. They drive their cars STRAIGHT into the garage and don't get out until the door is closed. There are a few we talk to, but only when our daughter is over at one of their houses. People in the Milwaukee suburbs are WEIRD!

Martha said...

Thanks for visiting, everybody!

Mumsflowers, OH YES. L-l-l-looove Dennis Haysbert. Hot stuff. They're all hot, aren't they?

And everyone else, I do have great neighbors, but then there's the drug dealers and gangstas, too, remember? And we just had a drug bust 2 blocks away...a 60 year old woman's house! SHEESH!! Can you believe that? SIGH.

Allison said...

Oh I was cracking up about the dolls! Totally started laughing out out - and what was funniest to me was the picture at a distance, and then I scrolled down to the up close one and laughed even harder - seriously, that's good stuff. Keep it coming my friend, keep it coming :o) I was on Kim's blog (Vintage Pretties), and she mentioned that we live in the same area. I didn't know that and hadn't been to your blog before - that's so fun!