Monday, June 4, 2007

Sweet Angel is Three!

I can't believe it! My niece, Sweet Angel (not her real name :) Is three!! Isn't she cute? That face is a girl's version of my brother and the hair? Courtesy of her Mommy. She had her birthday party yesterday and it was all Shrek, bay-bee. My Brother and Sis-in-law treated everyone to Shrek 3 at the theater, isn't that nice? It was a really fun party.

Especially because we sent the Noodle to the movie and then Zuddy and I went on a date. Of course, our idea of a fun date is walking through a certain warehouse-type store. I'm not naming names. Because the parent company is the epitome of least that's what I keep reading about them.

Other than that, not much is going on. I spent 3 full days weeding the garden. I don't know which weed it was that decided to explode in there, but it was so thick with weeds that it took me forever and I'm still not done. THEN?? On Saturday we had a massive hail storm and it pelted my garden!! Here are a couple of pictures:

This poor coleus never even made it into the garden :(

I love this plant. It's called False Indigo and those spires had a bunch of sweet-pea-like blooms. It still looks okay, but it's lost a lot of petals.

Poor Hostas!

On the kitchen-front, I used the 3 to 1 vinegar solution to strip wallpaper. It works pretty well, but you know what wallpaper really wants to help it detach from the wall?

Hot water.

In the form of steam.

Yup. Kim was right all along (of course). I was really trying to avoid buying the steamer. I know it's only $40, but it's not at the tippity-top of my list of desired ways to spend my money. Ya know what I'm sayin'? Mmmm hmmm. I knew you would.

I went to the Farmer's Market many nummies! Remember, this is Minnesota, so there hasn't been much growing yet and my CSA wasn't starting delivery until the 13th of June. Well....we've gotten some much-needed rain so the CSA is delivering this week instead and the Farmer's Market had peas! We had them for dinner last night and didn't even bother to steam them. We also got radishes, some lettuces, and I bought some meat. It was excellent.

So, today I'm cleaning. This place is a wreck.

Hope you have a great day :)


Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

Your niece is a beauty! Your flowers are all looking beautiful. I feel like it is such a slow process to get things in the ground here. You know budget and all!

HeatherJ said...

Hello friend! Just stopping by to let you know I am still alive. Sorry I've been a bad blog friend. :-( May is as busy as December for me. 3 kids in sports and gone (almost) every day, I'm trying to keep my head above water. Hope you are well!

Kim said...

She is so pretty! I think that your flowers are in great condition. I *wish* that mine looked like that.

Mmmmm...aren't the farmer's market goodies just the best? I'm still working on ordering the natural local beef that I told you seems that trying to pin down someone to do it with me is like herding cats!

The Tattered Nest said...

gone out of town last weekend...glad I missed the hail! no damage to my plants that I can see...your flowers look great!