Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Countertops!

What a saga.

I was told they were supposed to be in the warehouse on Monday and installation would be on Tuesday.

On Monday night, we (A-hem. I mean, Zuddy.) unhooked the plumbing, took off the other tops (again), and moved the appliances.

No countertops.

After work I call the kitchen designer, Tina (we are "girlfriends" now.) and tell her I have no tops. She finds out they just got to the warehouse and they will be installed Wednesday.

Oh - and by the way.....I'm working this week. So my Mom was there yesterday when they were installed. On Tuesday, when everything was ripped apart, the Noodle had my cousin babysitting her in a house with no kitchen.

So here they are:

Oooooooo. Aaaaaahhhhhhh.

The sink area. Duh. I'll bet you already knew that, huh?

Because there's a sink there.


But here's the bummer:
I saw it right away. The kitchen designer called to see how everything went and I told her about it, but I wasn't sure if it bothered me yet. She said if it bothers me to call her.

So I scrubbed down the kitchen, moved the appliances back bugged me. Maybe it wouldn't bug me if I had this:

But I don't. So it bothered me.

a before and not-quite-after shot.

And, hey. I just want to thank all yous who write a comment. I'm sure you know that nothing makes a blogger happier than someone commenting on their blog! I promise on Friday I will catch up on my friends' blogs....except for my new best friend, Dawnie.
Who needs to start blogging again.
Pleeeeeaaaaase? It's only fair.

Oh - and Oprah's trainer dude, Bob Green, is coming the test kitchens where I'm working today. With Oprah's filming crew.

He'll probably take one look at me and make me his new pet project.



Kim said...

After all that you went through to get those counters, they'd better d*** well be perfect! Get them to come out & replace it!

By the way, I love how they look & how the kitchen is coming together!

Pen said...

Lookin' great!

I agree with Kim! Your new counters should be perfect. I would bug 'em until they replace it.

Dawnie said...

Oof! I'm famous today! I saw my name on Elizabeth Hill Cottage blog!!! Now I'm gonna tell my husband I don't have to cook dinner tonight! Sweet! (Think he will buy it?!? I don't either, darn it. Well, I'm still ecstatic, thankyouverymuch)

And what is up with that ding on the counter thing? You need to call them and tell them that countless women all over the country are really trying to be VERRRRY patient with them, but this is getting rid-ic-u-LOUS, and they need to get it RIGHT! :)

(I agree with every one else, they really make a huge difference, and the kitchen is starting to look fabulous)

Mrs. Jones said...

That is so cool. I love to watch Oprah. Have fun with Bob.

The counters look amazing. And yes, I agree with everyone else. You paid, you were patient, they need to do the job they were supposed to do, and you shouldn't have to accept anything less.

What a transformation!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Having gone through my own kitchen remodel, I could feel your joy over getting the new countertops installed! Simple pleasures! It really looks lovely. Too bad about the problem, I agree, make them fix it! You deserve that.

I was born in the midwest so I always like checking up on folks from that part of the country! Now I am out west...I miss those snowy winters!


The GG said...

Hang in there beeee-aaach. Mupp, I know that you can (and should) be the new Oprah. Ever thought about that? Or Martha Stewart without the caged-heat baggage she carries. Either way, since we are already planning Xmas, go ahead and shine!

You get my vote, and you have big advantage in the Steadman category with Zud.