Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sink Hugger.......

I believe it's the opposite of tree hugger.
Made by a big polluting factory somewhere.
Bought at an evil big box store.

Oh Sinky......I love your shiny newness.....your hefty strainers (sold separtately, I found out.) ....your new gooseneck-faucety-goodness!

Sigh.......who knew it would be love?

I know it's wrong. To love an inanimate object.

But you don't get to pick who you love, people. Love just happens, right? I mean, who knew??? I never really hated my old sink, but it was old and small.

My dear friend, Hilary has the same sink as the new one I bought. I copied her. She got it when she remodeled her kitchen a few years ago and I liked it and decided it was the one I'd get when I re-do my kitchen.

It's waaaayyyyy bigger and deeper than my old sink - I wasn't even sure it would fit in my petite little kitchen.

And the faucet? I think it dispenses better water than the old one.

I'm sure of it.

Sigh.........I'm in love.

Oh - and school started this week. Here's the Noodle and her pals at the bus stop:

Yeah, they're cute.....but did you see my sink?
Ha ha.

Oh - and the counter top issues: Somebody came by on Monday and said they'd replace the top again! And I got a letter of thanks for our "graciousness" and patience from the kitchen designer with a bunch of restaurant gift cards enclosed.

You know, they have been really nice. I'm still pleased with the service I've received and how they've handled everything. I'd still recommend them to people. I've never had to actually complain to get my way.......they've fixed everything right away. I'm not sure when the new tops are coming in, but I don't really care because the kitchen is functional, so it's all good. Oh! And did I mention my sink?

One other thing: I went looking at tiling ideas for the back splash. Do you think that white subway tiles are going to be too stark for the backsplash? I was going to do those with a gray grout color. I'd love some feedback on this issue.

I found some awesome marble subway tiles at the tile shop, but MAN! They were expensive. And I think that going with marble would be a little goofy with a laminate counter top, don't you think? But, boy - were they beautiful! They had some fun veining and color variations that made them really warm-looking. Someday, when we (if we) do the dream kitchen, I'd love those tiles with a soapstone countertop. That's my dream.



Kim said...

Wow, look at that sink! I don't think that I've ever seen such a nice sink! :) Seriously, your kitchen is looking dee-vine. Hmmmm...I have to think about the subway tiles...I *love* them, but I don't know how they would go there.

Allison said...

I say "yes" to subway tiles and I think the grey grout would look good. I love subway tile! Your sink is wonderful and it looks great with your beautiful kitchen!


daisy cottage said...

Gorgeous sink! I love your kitchen... you are doing a wonderful job!


lucinda said...

I have black granite countertops w/off white subway tiles in my kitchen and I just love it. It's a nice backdrop to what ever you have.

Pen said...

Your kitchen is coming along nicely! I bet you can't wait to have it complete.

I think subway tiles would look great in your kitchen!

Mrs. Jones said...

Yes, I do believe it is a much superior sink than the old one.

I love subway tile. I would love how to tile, myself, so let me know how it goes.