Friday, August 17, 2007

Swimming Lessons Stink!

Yeah, that's the general consensus here.

I was thinking I was so smart for scheduling them in Mid-August. I remember having lessons in an outdoor pool as a little one. I loved it. And I also remember them being much earlier in the morning (Noodle's are at 11 am.).

Well.....we are having a little "cold snap" here. It's about 65 degrees right now.

And guess what else? I made a big mistake and put her in a class that is a level or two below her abilities. So here is this lanky 7 year old with a bunch of preschool-kindergardners. I'm not very popular around here right now.

One day, I had niece LuLu with us for a day or two and we tried to go swimming at our regular pool. But Noodle not only crabbed about going swimming, she also fell asleep! In public! She's never done that....even as a baby!

Here's Lulu!

Here's Noodle cuddling with......a folder and pencil?? I guess she really loves those new school supplies, huh?

The garden is lookin' good right now (even though it could use a good weeding. But I got a shot sans the weeds for you:

Not much else going on here. Oh! The dishwasher is fixed. Dammit. And finally.

My new counter tops are finally ready to be installed. I just need to coordinate the installation and we'll be all set! Yay! The only problem is I have a few days of work lined up in the next two weeks, so I'll have to work around that.

Tomorrow I'm working at the Minnesota Garlic Festival!! I think it will be fun and I just got off the phone with my friend, MJ, who I'll be working with. She spent 3 days peeling 30 pounds of garlic. Holy Moly. I feel bad I wasn't there to help her, but I'm a little relieved I didn't have to do that. Is that bad of me?
Yes. It is. Sorry MJ, but I'm just keepin' it real, sister.


Kim said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dishwasher---I know that you were hoping for the worst :)

Mrs. Jones said...

Sorry to hear your dishwasher is better. My chanting didn't work.