Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This One's For Heather.......

This is what I've been doing lately! Ha ha. The dishwasher repair person comes tomorrow. Because Zuddy couldn't fix it.'s the plan: Everybody reading this needs to cross their fingers and chant, "please be unfixable, please be unfixable." (It might work best if you close your eyes during the chant-fest.)

Thank you for your support :)

Noodle and I have the crud again, poor Noodle was at a sleep-over and threw up there and then she continued for two more days at home. She probably has a strep infection and I'm bringing her in to see Dr. Beth today. We were supposed to go camping, but we had to cancel. Poor girl.

What else? Oh - Heather J. asked me if I finished painting my hutch yet. HA!!
Two things: first of all.....what color to paint it? As much as I love the look of "shabby chic" all white furniture, it's not really my style. I like black, but I'm not sure I will be able to accomplish the look I want - distressed, etc.

See, the hutch isn't just one SIR! It's laminate, wood and plastic. Total junk. So it's not like I can sand down to the wood and distress it like that. I don't know......HELP ME!

Also, I'm not getting out the paint again until I can finish painting the cabinets. I still need to caulk, and Zuddy needs to do some trim work. After that's done, I will break out the paint again. And I think I will wait until the Noodle goes back to school. Although, I'll bet I'll change my mind when the counter tops go in. That'll get me going, I'm sure!'s another picture of the beast. Please tell me your thoughts on color!

So, that's about it here.....we're going to the doctor today and I really need to get out into the garden.

Oh my gosh!!! How could I almost forget to mention the bridge collapse in Minneapolis???? Luckily, nobody I know was affected by this tragedy, but there are many people I've heard of that were around there when it Mom included. What a scary freak accident. A friend of mine sent me some pictures:

There were many survivors, miraculously.


Janelle said...

Re: your hutch...I think I'd slap primer over the whole thing, not mess with trying to sand any of it, and then go with a creamy off-white. Or a buttery cream. Some sort of nice cream color, anyway. Would that go better than white?

Orrrr...what about painting the whole thing some other color, whatever would go with your kitchen, and then painting the cream over it, and sanding the cream off in key spots to reveal the color underneath? Then maybe you could rub some sort of brown furniture wax over the whole thing to make it look old and naturally peeling.

I dunno. It's a cool piece, though!

HeatherJ said...

Oooooh, how exciting to see my name!

There is some serious kill-the-dishwasher chanting going on over here. I might even light some candles. It may work too, because I have killed a few major appliances in my time.

Sorry to hear you guys are sick again. We went through that for a few years. Our curse was the stomach flu.

I know I saw a cityfarmer post on a laminate piece she refinished. It looks like she might have sanded it down a bit before priming. I think the only thing to worry about with painted laminate is that it might scratch easier. You could try sanding a little so the primer sticks, prime it with a good primer, paint it black, and sand the edges and corners down a little for distressing. I think it will look great black! I can't remember ... did you see Tracey's black hutch that she painted? You could ask her if hers had any laminate, and what she thinks. She is such a sweetheart.

How sad about the bridge collapsing. When I look at those pictures I can't help but imagine what it was like for those people. It reminds me of when I lived in California and the earthquake collapsed a double-decker bridge. Sooooo sad.

Kim said...

I think that you should prime the whole thing & paint it black...or if you paint it cream, like Janelle said, rub brown wax over it, on the edges.

Martha said...

You ladies are the BEST!

The whole furniture wax thing....I like it. I've been looking into aging with glaze, but then I get all confused when I look at the Behr glazing info. Do I glaze? What color? OHMYGOSH!

I love the help! Thanks a lot, ladies!


Mrs. Jones said...

Glaze stresses me out, because I haven't found anything that really explains it well. I am using an aging stain that comes in a paint kit from michaels (it as cream paint, sandpaper and the stain). But you can buy burnt umber or a brown color from michaels and mix a little in with the glaze.

I think painting it black would look great though, and then you wouldn't have to mess with any of the aging stuff. Just give it a little rub down with sandpaper.

You know what else might look cool on your hutch that I have seen in a few places, is take the glass out and put in chicken wire.

Martha said...

Mrs. are inside my head, sister!

I've been thinking about chicken wire with some fabric!

And you are right - I can't find any clear glazing directions. Pretty soon the Noodle will be back in school and I can get started.

Hope you are well!