Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All Bets Are Off

Zuddy has an opinion on the wallpaper.

Every once in a while he'll shock me with an opinion on something I assume he cares nothing about. Like when we were registering for dishes? I wanted some dishes with a basketweave pattern. "Oh no." says Zuddy, "I've been washing dishes for long enough to know not to agree to THAT!"
Waaaahat?! What the?
Fine. We find another option (which I like better anyway).

When we bought our house there was an agreement: I decorate as I please, but I have no say in the basement or garage (both are "man crisis centers").
Fine. (Well, I'm kind of encroaching on both spaces. But don't tell Zuddy.)

So tonight I have an email from Zuddy. He wants a say in the wallpaper. He's been giving it some pretty serious thought:

So.........what you think?


Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, excellent. That will look great in your kitchen! You could put little Evil Knievil dolls on top of the cabinets.

My husband had absolutely no opinions about anything until we got married. I was so shocked when he told me he didn't like an invitation design or a dish. Are men supposed to have opinions about these things?!! No, this is women territory. So now we co-design, but he is confined to the basement for the most part, and I get the main floor. But we do have to get the other's approval for major changes.

My trade-off for him having an opinion however, is that he is always ok with me decorating and if I even mention painting a room, he is at Home Depot buying paint and painting for me the next day.

Lisa@Take90West said...

My son would love it!

Now which one did you really pick? Because the suspense has me checking here a few times a day! I love pretty wallpaper!

Dawn said...

OH! OH! OH! I have 3 extra rolls of chair rail border that I can send you ... I bought too much when I did my sons room in that EXACT same wallpaper.... (He requested it when he was 7 years old... I'm not sure what that's saying about Zuddy.... HAHAHA)

Hehehe, what would life be like without our boys. The little ones, and the big ones ;)

Martha said...

Mrs. Jones?

A-MEN, sister!!! This here decoratin' stuff? MY BAG - not Zuddy's!
And, may I say? What a good boy that Mr. Jones is!!! Any guy that's going to so readily paint for us is entitled to a little input, right? Right!
Er....but just a little.

Oh, Lisa, Lisa. I'm afraid to say. You see, the one I chose hasn't been everybody's fave. I'll email you and tell you :)


Are you serious????? REALLY? The exact same stuff? Zuddy will DIE!
I can't wait to tell him :)

You girls are the BEST!


Penny said...

ROFLMBO @ the motorcycle paper. That is so something my DH would suggest to have in a kitchen!

Kim said...

HA!!!! It reminds me very much of the wallpaper that was in my childhood bedroom, right before we moved in--scenes of 1970s football players, in red white & blue. My mom quickly had it covered in yellow flowers for me.