Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Making Progress!

Why I'm bothering to post these pictures, I don't know......can you even tell what's different?
I'll give you a hint: I've removed wallpaper.
Oh shucks, I gave it away....

I'm about 1/2 way done with the wallpaper removal.
And you know what? It's not so bad! I'm actually kind of enjoying it! The problem is, it's time consuming. So I basically get one wall done a day and then I clean up after myself.

Okay. Newsflash. I'm going to wallpaper again. I know, I know......just call me, "Captain Changehermind".
I already know which one I'm going to pick, but I'd like my friends' advice. Which one do you like best?
They are in no particular order and that one that's bigger? I have no idea why that happened. It's not some crazy subliminal message trick, or anything. So if you pick that one, I'll think you're a complete Sucker. Ha ha. Just kiddin'!

So which one?

So I've been stuck inside doing the wallpaper removal and it's been geeeeeeoooooooorrrrrrrgeous weather in these parts the last few today I'm taking the day off of wallpaper removal. I've actually got some work to do that someone is paying me for.

For reals.

AND I'm going to do some billing today. So other people I've worked for can pay me.

For reals.

Hey - I stumbled upon a website this morning. It's called Finished Kitchens. It's real-life kitchen remodels. There are lots of pictures and a bunch of the remodels give product info and prices! Sa-WEET!

I could spend all freakin' day on this website, people. You wanna see a picture of my favorite kitchen so far?

Sweet Jesus, that's a beautiful kitchen!!! There are soooooooo many on this website, though, I'm sure I'll find many other beauties.

And so, my friends, will you.


Michelle said...

Good for you getting that wallpaper tackled. Love the new that you chose - it will be really pretty with your cabinets. That dream kitchen is to die for! Love it!

Lisa@Take90West said...

Hi Martha!

i really like #3 and #6. And 2. It was hard to choose! I don't know how you will do it. I love your kitchen. the top and bottom cabinets being different colors is awesome!
I am definitley going to check out that kitchen website.
Just wanted to let you know the answer to your question is up today on my blog.
Thanks for participating.

Cathy said...

I really like the last one.

Anonymous said...

#3 is my favorite, then #6 and then #2.
Angel thinks you should put wallpaper up with cats on it.

Let me know if you need help putting it up.

Anonymous said...

I like #2, but I would like it better in reverse...lighter background with the print in the blue. Love the Jacobean prints on all of them, though, that makes it harder to decide.

Cathy said...

Okay, earlier I said 6, but I also really like 3--maybe even better than 6.

Cutzi said...

ok - since everyone's weighing in I will too. I'm goin' against the grain - I think #1. Here's why: I think it will pull in some of the color from your living room? that I can see through the doorway in your picture. I do like #6 but sort of think you should go a little more neutral and then accent with more dramatic colors or black if you want.

I sound so serious...

The Tattered Nest said...

I love the top two wallpaper samples! Keep at it've come a long way!

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, now you have gone and done it! I want to wallpaper after seeing all those gorgeous wallpapers you posted. Thanks A LOT!!! My favorite is #2 with the blue. I have a thing for blue now. Where can I get this paper?

That kitchen is absolutely beautiful!

Amy said...

I like 1,3,5,6. The warm colors would look great in your kitchen against your new cabinet colors. I think the blue #2 is too cool for your kitchen, espeically since your kitchen (like mine) faces north you don't get the best sunlight in there.

Penny said...

Uh oh, once again I am going to have to agree with cutzi! I choose #1! I also think it will tie together nicely with the room you can see through the door way!

I will have to check out that kitchen website.

Kim said...

Dang it Martha! You are such an enabler! As if I don't have more than enough envy inducing web surfing to keep me busy, you give me this kitchen site!!! Now I'm going to have to look at every last one of those kitchens & choose my dream one.

By the way, I like wallpaper 1 & 4. The red is a big statement, but it would be great if that is the way that you want to go. If want a more subtle wall, go with one of the beige backgrounds.

Martha said...


You are all the BEST!!!

Thanks for your input on this subject!

All of the wallpaper samples are from Ballard Designs. I have half a mind to buy 2 different designs because I love them sooooooo much.
But I'm not going to do that.
Because that would be crazy, right?