Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stripping Wallpaper

Yes, I just started steaming off the wallpaper. Dave's friend loaned us his steamer and the steamer is's working so well that paint from some of the 80 years of this house's life is bubbling up after I get the wallpaper off. This work is not fun, friends. I do believe Mrs. Jones has warned me. The chances of me wallpapering again are slim. Just because I don't want to steam it off again.

So anyway.....that's what we've been up to, here. Well, stripping the paper and doing this last weekend:

It was cold, rainy and a totally nappable weekend.

In other news, I've been spending more time with my boyfriend (Franklin). Turns out all he wants is a little field trip every day. It totally perks him up and gets us out of the house. We've been to Lowes, Home Goods, a park or two and a couple of coffee shops. He loves it! He even kind of likes riding in the car!

Oh - and my dishwasher is broken for THIRD time. Same malfunction every time. The weird thing is, the two times it's been fixed, the technician has fixed different things! What do you make of that?


Alice said...

Stripping wallpaper really is the worst old house chore. Re-wallpapering runs a close second. I love it though. I dream one day of having 18 different Bradbury and Bradbury papers covering the walls and ceiling of my middle parlor. I say forget the next owners who have to scrape it all off.

Penny said...

I still haven't finished stripping our bathroom wallpaper. It is driving my DH crazy. It really doesn't bother me either way. I do want to finish it, but have other things that are calling me first.

This is unusual that I have started a decorating project and haven't finished it in a few days. It was really unavoidable since I started it before my Dad's heart attack, and it ended up getting pushed to the back burner.

Cute napping pic!

Glad you found something to perk up your little boyfriend. We can't have an unhappy Franklin.

The dishwasher problem sounds a goofy. One would think if the fixes were different the problem would be as well. Maybe it is time for the new dishwasher you have been dreaming about.

Oh boy, I better stop typing because this is getting! Guess I have a lot to say today! :)

Michelle said...

Good luck with the wallpaper stripping - it sounds like quite a task, but it will look fabulous when it's done!

The Tattered Nest said...

If you have any more tips on where to take a 10 month old on a field trip let me niece is only happy when we are on the move!

Martha said...


Thanks for all of your commnets! Alice!
Oh. My. Gosh. I popped in at your website and took one look at your HUGE beautiful home and had to leave.
Intimidation, you see.
I'm going to check it out in it's entirety today - I can't WAIT!!
Oh... and by the way. I think I will be the next owner scraping off the wallpaper :)

Penny...I hope your Dad is doing better!! I saw your menu for the week and was instantly inspired! Thanks!
Oh, and I can see why the stripping is taking so long....I feel working on one area at a time is all I can handle...slow and steady wins the race, right? RIGHT?

Gail!! You're right! Franklin and Addison are almost the same age!! So far Franklin seems to be totally into any place that's NOT Elizabeth Hill Cottage. Ha haaaaa!
He's a mover and a shaker, I guess:)

annie said...

Hey I've been strippping wallpaper too! Loads of fun. I found water damage behind it and the sheet rock came off with the wallpaper!