Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Bowl of Coffee......

Yup. Looking at this picture, you really can't tell how large this cup is, but trust me, it fits more into the "bowl" category than the "cup" category.

My coffee consumption has drastically increased lately. I'm up to 2 bowls of coffee every blessed day, people.
I'm cutting down, starting..........never! Ha!!

No. Really, I'm going to start cutting back today.
Just a bowl and a half for me today...yessiree! Baby steps, right?


So many things to discuss......where to begin? about the fact that I've been thinking about getting a job. But I'm sooooo stuck. There are huge benefits to me staying home with the Noodle.
"But wait!", you say, " The Noodle's not home on most days!"
See? Do you see where this is going?
I don't think my services are needed here anymore.

AND. Here's the thing: I can't finish the kitchen, get a new dishwasher or anything else until I bring in some ka-ching. So I'm scouting things out.....which brings me to my next photo.

This photo is featured on the AOL article entitled, "Jobs That Are Built To Last".

First of all: If I encountered this dude at the doctor's office, I'd run away.
Then, I'd make some ever-so-expected-in-poor-taste-naughty joke like, "He sure looks like he's built to last!"

He's just too hot.

Not even a remotely realistic depiction of a medical professional. Hey...I'm not saying medical professionals are ugly or anything. My doctor is a handsome guy. Just not smokin' hot.

But look at the way he's looking at us! Do you think he's interested in us? Ha haaaaaa!

So....back to reality.

I'm looking for a job that pays well and regularly, has virtually no responsibility, won't miss me when I have to stay home with my sick kid, and lets me off for summers and school holidays.


Is this the conundrum I keep reading about in all of those women's magazines?

More thoughts:

  • I'm taking a tiling class next weekend. I can't wait. I'd like to start thinking about the backsplash

  • I'm loving the new TV season!!! How about Pam and Jim on The Office??? And the Unit? Such a great show. Too bad they speak in covert language so much......I always have to have my Zuddy right there to translate for me. How about that. (Jonas always says that on the show.)

  • I've been on a cooking binge with the cooler weather. I've made 2 soups: Carrot Ginger and White Bean with Kale. The White Bean and Kale soup I just shot from the hip and made it. Sooooooo good!!!! Even Zuddy loved it. We had nothing to eat in the house, but I had the kale lying around from my CSA box, a little bacon, carrots, onion, canned beans and some chicken stock from the freezer. Oh. And really good Parmesan. That's it!

  • It's almost my Mommy's birthday! She'll be 67 years old! I can't believe it.

  • Fran is STILL in the hospital!! Remember when I talked about my sister, Myrna's, Mom? It's been almost 2 weeks, I think! Last I heard, they were going to install a pacemaker. I think she's been a real puzzle for the doctors. (***since starting this post, I've heard that Fran has some internal bleeding and a gazillion ulcers in her stomach. They can't install the pacemaker until they stop the internal bleeding. If you're a pray-er, please say one for our Fran!)

  • There is a big weekend of antiquing in my friend MJ's town of Buffalo, Minnesota!! I think it's this weekend!

  • I need to update my blog list. Here's a great blog I've found through another one of my favorites: The Emory Restoration. The dude who writes this is a total riot. I found this blog through another favorite blog (one that every one knows about) , House In Progress.

  • Franklin and I went to Ikea today. He LOVED it. He was actually all babbly and smiley!!!! I can't tell you how thrilled I am. He was an absolute blast.

So that's it today. I'm about to go over to my neighbor's house and help her with the priming of her kitchen cabinets!

Have a great day :)


The Tattered Nest said...

Yes! this weekend is the one in Buffalo! get your self up there girl!

Dawnie said...

"But look at the way he's looking at us!" ..... Funniest...sentence... EVER.

I will keep Fran in my prayers, keep us updated. :/

Have a good weekend!

The Tattered Nest said...

Hey Martha! thanks for your kind comments on my blog. No, I didn't get my couch recovered, it is the same couch I have had for-ever! but it is nice and neutral so it goes with everything. What color is your living room? I really think a neutral couch is best and than you can add color with throws and pillows and your chairs..

becoming-home said...

I'm trying to cut down too! I'm down from at least 3 large mugs to only one. I'm very proud of myself because I don't often do anything in moderation :)

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I understand what you are going through. You do what you feel you need to do but let me say this, your noodle still needs you at home. My 14 y.o. still talks about me working full time until she was 7 1/2 and she loves having me home. Still. If you find that dream job though let me know!

Cottage by the River said...

That is so funny!! I used to have a big wine bowl like that, it was brought out for special occasions!!
Have a great week.