Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Drama Queen

The Noodle has always been a drama queen.

In the hospital after she was born, I was sooo exhausted. I had been up for 2 days straight with a 21 hour labor (really, it was 20 1/2 hours, but after you have a baby you're allowed to round up. Am I right, ladies??). All I wanted to do was get a little sleep, so I gave my screaming infant to the nursery and tuckered in for a little shut-eye.

After a couple of hours I had to get up to use the bathroom (The ol' bladder is never the same after having a baby. Am I right, ladies??).

I glanced out my door to see a nurse craning her neck and wringing her hands while looking into my room. So I stop and go to the door while she scurries over to me and tells me that my Noodle hasn't stopped crying since she got into the nursery.......she needs her Mom. I guess they had intubated her to see if she still had some muconium in her tummy and checked to see if she had a broken clavicle because she cried to so much.

When we put her in a preschool-type daycare, I guess she was very quiet and good all day. Her teachers loved her. They'd tell me a little tidbit about her day. Then I'd take her home.

And she would act out the entire day in her playing after we got home.

Very dramatic.

And only if I wasn't looking.

So I'd make dinner and watch and listen, and then Zuddy would come home and watch and listen and we'd have an idea about what her day was like.

But only an idea.

Because sometimes she'd act out a scuffle or she'd rrreeeaaally be telling someone off. After one of those situations, we'd ask the teacher if she was being mean to so-and-so (Because I don't want to raise a brat, people). "Oh no!", they'd say, "she doesn't really fight back. No! It was so-and-so who was being mean!"

But she'd fight back at home!! She'd get it all out in her dramatic play. She'd let so-and-so have it when she got home, yessirree!

Well, she hasn't changed a bit. She still does the dramatic play with her dolls and stuffed animals.

Last night, I was on the computer and Zuddy was sitting on the sofa watching the Noodle play on the front steps. He came into the office/playroom looking at me with a stunned expression - you know - big eyes, gaping mouth?
Then he knelt down beside me and told me that my daughter just gave birth on the front steps.

I guess it was pretty quick, but a little noisy.

She had a Webkinz Panda.


Mrs. Jones said...

Well congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild! How adorable is Noodle! I have actually thought I would secretly tape record my son playing just to get a good laugh in a few years. But it sounds like my daughter and Noodle are very similar. She decided the first night that she wanted to suck on my little finger ALL NIGHT. The hospital had a policy of not giving pacifiers, but after a few hours those sweet, kind nurses had found one from the deepest corner of the hospital. Most likely their "emergency pacifier" for *those* babies. They probably all looked at each other with a knowing look, shook their heads, and said "yep, go get it."

And yes, we are allowed to round up. I do this with birth weight.

Mrs. Jones said...
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restyled home said...

That funny little girl is ADORABLE!! And I bet hearing her role play is so much more fun than hearing my 13 yr old son rapping in front of the computer...really believing he will someday get a recording contract...Peace out!

Lisa@Take90West said...

That is a great pictures, she is beautiful...and looks fantastic for having just given birth to a Panda bear. :)

Amy said...

Hi Granny, I tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't save...I think your blog was defending you against anything I would say about being MIA on Sunday!

That Noodle story is so funny...don't you just love secretly watching your kids play!

Classic Charm said...

Hi, I'm new here, but I love your posts...I've been laughing out loud here! I'll be back for sure.

Mrs. Jones said...

Why is my computer posting all my comments twice?!!!! The most annoying thing is, it only shows my post once and then when I leave your blog, it sneaks in the other one. How many blogs have double-posts from me? I'm a dork!

Martha said...

Hi Everyone!!!

Heather....how did you delete that duplicate comment? I was trying to figure that out the other day! And girrrrrl? You have EVERY right to round up the birth weight of your bouncing babies!!! And about the double posts? I guess my blog loves you so much that it wants to see your comments twice :)

Linda!? Peace out! **kissing peace-giving fingers**

Lisa? Your Wii post made me laugh out loud! I showed it to MJ at work yesterday and she cracked up too! You and MJ have the same sense of humor!

Amy? I'm so sorry. I'm not going to even bother with an excuse. But I WILL be there Saturday!

Rose! Hey, thanks for stopping by! I love making new friends!


Kim said...

Oh my gosh, I first read this post at work & nearly snorted my soda!!! How hysterical is that???