Monday, November 26, 2007

House Tour!

Oooooo. I'm soooooo crabby today.

My house is a mess.
I can't get on sitemeter.
I need to go to the grocery store.
I need to make a meal plan so I know what to buy at the grocery store.
I'm gonna get in trouble from Amy for not going to church on Sunday.

So you know what I'm doing about all of this?
That's right.
I'm going to waste precious, precious time looking for a house I love but can't afford.
So I can lust after it.
I'm going waste more time waiting for blogger to upload the pictures of the house I love but can't afford, therefore eating up my housecleaning-mealplanning-groceryshopping time.
Good plan, huh?

Here she is, folks. In my absolute favorite neighborhood. If I lived here? I could walk to the grocery store.
And I would, too.
Even though it's a grocery store that drives me NUTS.
Because the people who shop there?
While they live in million dollar houses?
They're embracing their earth-mother-hippie side and not bathing on a regular basis.
I kid you not. I smell dirty hair on fellow shoppers every time I shop here.
Which is hardly ever because of the aforementioned smelly dirty hair issue.
I could go on and on about stinkiness, but I won't.
Because I want to show you my new house.
Well, really, it's not.
Because I married for love, not money.

Okay. Really. Here it is:

I know. It doesn't look all that exciting on the outside. It needs a fun paint job, no?

But look at the fireplace with the sweet little cabinets on each side of it. Isn't this a warm, soothing room?

Zuddy would like this garage. He'd like it much bigger, though.

Aaaaahhhhhh. Do you see the soapstone? Do you? I heart soapstone.
Yeah, I know. I probably wouldn't have picked these cabinets, either, but I think I could live with them. Because look at that door!!!! I love it!
Do you think they swapped out the appliances before they put the house on the market? That range kind of clashes with the pot filler, doesn't it?

This is the third floor Master Bedroom.

And the sweet little tubbie. Too bad I'm not a bath person.

Tour over. What do you think?


Cutzi said...

I love the bathroom!!

I need kitchen ideas though. Can you find some good kitchens?

Well, I was going to say we could be in crappy/crabby moods together but Justin just called and said he gets Wednesday through Friday off. Miracles do happen. I'll pray the menu fairy arrives at your house soon. And a man slave to go out for your groceries.

Lisa@Take90West said...

Love it. I heart soapstone too!
All of the woodwork was gorgeous.

Sorry you are having a bad day, I did the menu plan thing this morning and then headed off to a new super Walmart to get the shopping done. It was clean, nice and not crowded. So a piece of cake for me, this week. But I usually deal with stuff the same way, by ignoring it in favor of the computer!
I hope the evening is better. Tomorrow is a new day!

Kim said...

Sign me up! Love that house, love all of the houses that you show. I do the same thing--look at the MLS for houses that I could never afford. You know what is really fun? Go to the ones in the "seriously, unless I was married to Donald Trump, I couldn't afford that house" catagory on the MLS...very fun in a voyeristic way.

By the way, I was in a crabby mood today as it a full moon?

Mrs. Jones said...

AAAAAAHHHH! I LOVE that bathroom!!! The window, the color, the bathtub!

Yes, I should be meal planning, but I'm blogging too. If they took my computer away from me, I would get a lot done.

restyled home said...

I love that home too! What sealed the deal was that bathroom and the transoms over the die for!!!


Martha said...

Cutzi? That man-slave never showed....they can be sooo unreliable, no?
Oooo! Talk kitchens with me baybee! I'll find some pictures! What colors?

Lisa, I shouldn't even complain to you. I'll bet you want to slap me up, huh?

Heather, linda and Kim? I know. I liked that bathroom, too. I'm trying to show you all houses that are well decorated, but there are so many "diamonds in the rough" out there! My imagination goes wild with them, but they're not as fun to look at.