Monday, November 12, 2007

Here's Another One!

Want to go on another house tour?

Okay! Let's go!

Will ya look at the outside of this little cutie?
I can just see all sorts of front-porch-decorating-fun.
Here's the best part:
3 car garage, Zuddy.
(Almost) Unheard of in the city.

I've got to tell you, though: The outside is the best part of this house. Because wait until you see this tragedy:

Hello? HEL -LO??!?
This kitchen is all wrong for this house!!!!
I want to push my way in there and gut it.
It's just not right, my friends, it's just not right. I think this house was probably remodeled in the late '80's or early 90's. Because the woodwork doesn't look original to me, either.

And you know what? It's so wrong that now I don't want to bother with the rest of the house. So that's the end of THAT tour.

Let's go on to another kitchen that I love.......The rest of the photos of the house weren't that great. And I couldn't get them to size up to normal (long story), but here's the kitchen:

Dang, that's cute, huh? But there's a problem: This kitchen is the same size as mine. And you know what they did about the fridge? Do you see the breakfast bar area? There's a countertop on the other side where there are 4 refrigerator/freezer drawers. This picture is going to be insanely small, but here they are:

I don't really like that, do you?
Can you even see it? No? Oh, sorry.
Here's the sunroom:

So, these are the only good pictures I can show you. The rest of them are maddingly small, like the refrigeration drawers.

Oh! One thing I forgot to mention: The Noodle and I went antiquing on Friday. She had the day off of school. She's been taking a lot of pictures and has decided that she wants to be a "catagrapher".

To which, I said, "You mean: photographer?"

And she replied, "Yes, but I call it a catagrapher."

I could never homeschool this kid. She thinks I'm a complete idiot.

Anyway, here is her photo of the day:


Allison said...

Hi Martha, the house pictures are great. The front of that house is prime for decorating! And you're right, that one kitchen is so great, and as you said small, but great. Thank you for visiting me, and I'm so glad to hear that you like Bare Minerals and Proactiv as well. They are so great. I do go to MOA for specific things, and then I get the regular stuff through the club. That's why I has so much of it. So fun to see the houses you are looking at.


MJ said...

You have a great eye for interiors. I really want a creamy white kitchen. F and I were just talking about kidisms yesterday! Some of our favorites: March comes in like a lion and goes out like a clam, side kick powers (translation: psychic), If wishes were horses then bacon on rye (trans: beggars would ride).

Cutzi said...

ok - I was going to comment on your darling pictures and now I'm one post too late. Beautiful! I even went on the catagrahpers web site and looked at all of them. Do you think she would come to Washington?

And, are you ready for this super long comment? So I was laughing at myself because as I went to my dining room to consider taking a picture - I realized it must have been what was in my head that was in between cottage cute and RH. The walls are blue (like your latest cute kitchen), there is a silver and crystal chandelier hanging which I intended to theme everything around. And then an ugly brown piano with a dark brown framed picture collage over it. And lastly, a dark brown table with dark brown poorly upholstered chairs. Nothing catagraphy worthy at all - but I will take a picture. Just for you.

And my kidism? Motor icicle.

Cutzi said...

Oh, and please tell me about Bare Minerals. I don't think I've ever met anyone who actually uses it but I have found myself reaching for my wallet several times after seeing the infomercial. Is it really good?

Kim said...

Ooooo, I just love your house tours. That white house is gorgeous & full of possibilities. I'm all with ya...that kitchen needs tall white cabinets (some with glass fronts), granite counters & vintage style lighting...can ya tell that I'm a little obsessed with my dream vintage kitchen?