Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Louie!

She's eight!!! I can't believe it! And her party is today.
This is Louie. My oldest brother's little one.
She's into Webkinz, American Girl dolls, horses and a lot more.....she's a beautiful little monkey and she keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

The Noodle idolizes her (they were born 6 months apart).

Schmackie is her big brother:

He's 10 now!!!! He just had his birthday in October. He is the best little athlete....he is a very good sport and has a great sense of humor. He looks just like my brother; when he was talking to me today I was watching his mouth movements and I noticed he was pursing his lips and moving his mouth to the side of his face, just like his daddy.

Schmackie is soooooo good to Sweet Angel:

Who is extra-cute her own self!

And almost as sweet as my beautiful Noodle:

I love my family.

All of these photos are taken by Olivia Wagner.
And by the way? The kids were awful that day. Hard to tell from these photos, huh?


The Tattered Nest said...

gorgeous photos! beautiful kidlets. I love the picture of the two little cousins facing one would never guess it was an off day for them. bye. bye. I have to go look up that photographer!

kim said...

Those photos are gorgeous! I would have never guessed that they were in a bad mood--that photographer must be magic.

Allison said...

All of the kids are so cute!!! You have a beautiful daughter and nieces and nephew.