Monday, November 5, 2007

New Mirror.......

I know I talked about this a looooong time ago. But Zuddy was kind enough to finally hang it for me last night.

There's a funny little ring of light on the mirror from the flash. Oh - and see the piano? It was Zuddy's parents'. I had it moved from their house to ours about 10 or 11 years ago as a present for him under the condition that he refinish it.
See that woodgrain on it? It's contact paper.

I kid you not.
Appearantly, Zuddy's Mom just found it in her best interest to slap some contact paper on any household item she found offensive.

Kitchen cabinets not lookin' too hot? Contact paper!

Entryway table need refinishing? Awww HELLS no! Contact paper, baby!
Piano not lookin' up to snuff? Why not put some contact paper on it? Why not?

WHY NOT?? Uuuuuuuuughhhhhhh! I mean, come ON!!!

Needless to say, in true Elizabeth Hill fashion, we're still lookin' at that contact paper. I know it's hideous, but I'm NOT going to be the one to refinish it. Plus, I'd like to put some built-ins where the piano is now.
Ha. Like that will ever happen.

Okay. I'm feeling rather, meh, today.

I found out this weekend that one of my best friends got divorced. Sounds silly that she's one of my best friends and I just found this out, but she's someone I met in the 8th grade (we hated each other at the time) and she's one of my "girls" group. By the time we were in 9th or 10th grade, we were pals. Now it's 24 years later and we have busy lives and we hardly see each other, but I will always feel a very special bond with her. I feel like I understand her and she understands me. Our personalities are similar, but she's way cooler and funnier than me. In fact, a couple of my ex-boyfriends were interested in her!!! No lie! One ex boyfriend (I use the term boyfriend veeerrrry loosely here ) called and asked me out while I was engaged to Zuddy. I told him no, so not missing a single freakin' beat, he asked for my girlfriend's phone number!!!!! No lie!!! Ha haaaaaaa! And I gave it to him, too! I can't remember if they went out or not. I'll have to ask her.

So anyway, she's fine (it was actually initiated by her), but one can't help but think about the mortality of their own marriage in situations like this, you know? Are we really meant to be married to one person for our whole lives? I really don't believe we have just one "soul mate". I can't help but think of people I've been interested in (or dated) in the past. Most of them? I have no regrets about things not working out. It was clear they weren't the one for me. But there's one that I can't stop thinking about this time of year. Especially on Halloween.

Now.....let me say that my husband is awesome. He is a good guy and he cracks me up. When we met? I had no intention of dating him, but he pursued me. Which is how it had to be with me. And actually, my friend who just got divorced introduced me to him!!! At our 5 year high school reunion, no less! They've known each other since they were very young. Before elementary school, even. I'll elaborate on how we met another time.
Anyway. Things are getting a little deep in here, aren't they? I think I will stop now.

You know, thinking about how great my friend is reminds me that I was going to interview my totally awesome friends for my blog. Amy and I never connected on the photos way back in March when I interviewed her. She sent them to me via email, but when I tried to open the document, there would be nothing there. Aim, when can we get together on this? I know you're reading :) I've still got my notes from our great night at the Riverview Wine Bar.

Also, Amy wanted me to post pictures of my Little Stinker from Halloween. I have to tell you, I didn't get a good picture of her alone. I took more of her pal, C. , who had a really funky costume! Here's one of the pictures.

We were at a mall and poor Noodle was ungodly hot. She was cranky and miserable. She was so happy to go home and go outside and trick or treat and she LOVED handing out candy at home most of all! We ran out of candy and she happily handed out her own loot.

I'm going to go and remove some wallpaper now.



Amy said...

You got that right know I'm reading!

OK, get your daughter back into her costume and take a picture that will show off your mom's handiwork! My kids loved getting dressed up so much that I decided to have a costume party this week for my youngest's 3rd birthday.

restyled home said...

Cute little stinky noodle!! Don't tell her I said that!
Thank your MIL for the great decorating tip!! I have a few things that could use a facelift...!!


Mrs. Jones said...

Ha! That is so funny. I had no idea there was contact paper on that piano. I lived in an apartment with really old fake wood cabinets, and my house-rabbit chewed them all up. So when I had to move out, I bought some of that very special contact paper and no one ever knew the difference!

Noodle is so cute! That costume is absolutely adorable.

As for being married, I don't know what I would do without Mr. Jones. I would feel so lost if we got divorced. I want to be one of those little old couples who stay married and then die within 2 days of each other. The funny thing is, when I see couples like that, I think "how much crap have they put up with to get to this point?"

Kim said...

HA! I can't believe that they Contact Papered a piano!!! Now that takes some original thinking!!!

Martha said...

Aim -

I promise I will take that picture. I swear. And I left out the fact that I actually made all of the fur parts. I did! My Mom basted them on the sweatshirt. And the noodle was a little rough with it, so I had to re-sew. So I ALMOST made the whole thing myself.
Okay.....not really. But close, veeerrrry close.

Here's the funny thing: My Mom gave the Noodle an old bottle of perfume to use for her "spraying" pleasure. Well, she was playing outside in her costume with her friend and dropped the bottle. It smashed on the ground and the perfume splashed all over her, soaking her in White Shoulders. So, yes, she was a little stinker.
Oh!!! And my Mother In Law? You should see her bathroom decor! She has a brass birdcage suspended from a plant hook in the ceiling by old ribbon (the thin satin kind with the loops on the edges of it, ca. 1979). Inside, there are some fake Hummels perched.
As if they're in jail.
A bathroom jail.
A really cheesy bathroom jail.

My Mom totally has the exact same contact paper covering the kitchen cabinets in her new apartment. On purpose. I do believe it's original to the cabinets, too!

I know!!! And believe me....we can only blame it on Zuddy's Mom. His Dad would NEVER do that.


Michelle said...

I love your mirror! The pieces you have on top of the piano are lovely too! I won't comment on the contact paper. LOL!