Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Holy Wallpaper, Batman!

I just did the calculations for how much wallpaper I will need in the kitchen. 7 double rolls. I didn't take into account the cabinets....I was thinking It'd be a good thing to have leftovers anyway, right?


Not when my total comes to almost $500 for the wallpaper I chose. Yikes. I'll have to go and properly figure this out without the cabinets.

Which means I will have to Google how to measure for wallpaper.

Which means I will have to use that grey matter that's been sloshing around in my noggin.

Usually, I avoid thinking at all costs.

It's just better that way. Trust me.

And I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: **whispering** I'm supposed to be working right now. Writing a recipe that I developed. I don't remember all of the details. Because my memory stinks. And because I thought the recipe I made was dumb. And ugly. And I wasn't the least bit proud of it. So mayyyyybe I was actually trying to forget about it. But now they want instructions. And it's painful for me to re-live such a dumb little recipe. And I will have to think to complete this task. And I don't want to think. See above.

Shhhhhhh.....Don't tell anyone, okay?

Okay. So back to the wallpaper. I don't have a lot of wall space, so it shouldn't be so bad, right? Right.

Or do you think I should just paint?

So I had to drive the Noodle to school today. I let her sleep in and she was trying real hard make me believe she was sick and needed to stay home.
But I invented that game, internets. Oh yes, I did.
So off she went.
I was stalking (Er, looking) at Edina Realty.com and found this little gem, so I had to stalk (Er, I mean drive past) it.
Here we go!

Here is the front. It looks really bad in person. The front gutter above the bowed window is broken off and dangling in front of the window. Nice.

Aaaaand the dining room.

And here's that pretty bowed window.

Will ya look at that staircase?? Will ya?? Sigh. And that fireplace!

I want it.

Such a little dream house.


The Tattered Nest said...

Paint! are you sure you need seven rolls? that seems like a lot...I love the paper samples you have hanging in your kitchen but that seems like a lot of money...maybe you figured wrong. I love that sweet house you are drooling over...

Kim said...

Oh my gosh, that house is gorgeous! When can I move in? You all in Minneapolis are so lucky because you have so many old houses like that. Here in DC, everything was built after WWII...split levels, ranches & now, mcmansions.....sigh...

Mrs. Jones said...

Ouch! Maybe this will keep me from wallpapering. Unless I start working soon. It's just so pretty though, worth the money, right?! My vote is, calculate the correct amount of wallpaper you need and if it is less painful, stick with the wallpaper. Or try to find a knockoff you can live with.

Your secret recipe life is so intriguing to me . . . it's like you in the CIA or something.

Oh, my kids have been trying the "stomach ache" lately. But I invented that one, too. Remember sticking the old-style thermometer on the light bulb to get a "fever"? My kids have no clue what that is ... they have a digital thermo and ceiling lighting. Ha ha, can't use that trick!

I love this house! The blue walls, staircase and fireplace seal the deal. How much?

Martha said...


No. I know I don't need 7 rolls, because I didn't figure in the cabinets. I think I could get by with 4 rolls. Most of my wallspace is soffit.


I know!!! Isn't it cute? But your house is charming...and it's all in how you decorate, right?


My secret recipe life isn't all that exciting these days. But I have to tell you: my co-workers read the blog yesterday. They thought it was funny, but I'm mortified!!! There are sooooo many things I can't write in this blog because someone could read it!!
That house is only $269,900. I really do want it, too. It has a 2 car garage, so Zuddy would actually consider it. If we were to move.
Which we aren't going to do.