Thursday, December 20, 2007

Favorite Ornaments and Another MJ Story.

Are you ready, Internets??

I have a lot of food ornaments on my tree. It happened by accident, I think. I somehow got my hand on the Jell-O mold and fruit cake ornaments (you'll see them in a second) and a collection was born.

Pretty much my only collection, too.

Because I'm too much of a commitment-phobe to have a collection. Collecting requires some sort of discipline, perseverance and space (for display). I have none of these.

SO! Here's my FAVORITE!!! My old boss and buddy Kim gave me this one. It's supposed to light up, but remember my whole lighting-the-tree-saga?? Let's just gloss over all that and say that my new lights aren't compatible with my old light-up ornaments. Okay? If I think about it anymore than that, I will get all "bah humbug" on y'all.

How cute is this???? I ask you???? And I also got a shot of one of my first faves, the apple and orange crate! Cute!

The blender! I think Kirst gave that to me. There's a Kitchen Aid mixer, too.

My beloved Jell-o mold!!

The fruitcake!!!

Bread and cheese on a cutting board :)

Cake! You can see an apple and an orange above it.

3 in one shot! The chocolate candy, fruity drink and a kiwi.

Oh....and Zuddy got me a new one this year. I was going on and on about Linda's fridge ornament, so he went out to find it (but couldn't), and got me this one instead:

Sorry, it's a little blurry. Cute though, right?

Okay, so I'm totally behind in my whole Holiday schtick. Today? I want to make this look a little more festive:
I think an excellent way to start is to take the frozen pumpkins and dead kale outta there, don't you think???? I bought some greens put in the pot and I'm making my own wreath with them as well. THIS should be entertaining, people. I have my "Z" wreath form from my last years' Ballard Designs wreath and I'm going to give it a go and post a photo tomorrow.

Okay. My new MJ story:
Have you ever heard of the Roches?
They're a singing group. They have beautiful harmonies - especially when they're singing Christmas music.
So, MJ calls me the other night, She and Michael are going to a concert and she needs to know how to get to the venue. I give her directions and ask her who she's going to see? The Roches. Oh! I have one of their Christmas CD's. Okay! Have fun, MJ!

Now, for me? The story would end right there.

But not for MJ, people. Oooohhhhh no.

She got up on stage and sang with the Roches. No freaking lie.

That's all I know of that story right now. But a month from now? I imagine we'll be talking about this and she'll let the bomb drop that they spent the night at her house because they became best friends.

Another thing: I'm not sure I'm ready to out myself on this one yet.......but I was telling MJ about a concert that I'm going to see in January? First of all, she laughed at me.
Laughed at me.
Then she told me she sang at that one, too.
Okay. Really?

And truly? I'd laugh at me too. Only your true friends will laugh at you when you tell them a totally embarrassing deep-down musical secret.

Other people you think are your friends? Like your Internet pals? They'll sllooowwwllyyy reach for the mouse and "CLICK" the red and white X, never to be heard from again.



Janet said...

So when are you going to tell us...after the concert? Don't string us along for too long. paleeez>


Kellie said...

I promise I won't laugh at you. I've seen Rick Springfield five times. And I've seen Neil Diamond. And the Spice Girls. And many, many others who I shall fail to name.

ZUDDY said...


MJ said...

Here's a hint. I'm humming one of the songs she'll be hearing on that special night. Can you hear it? No? I'll hum louder.

chickadee said...

i love the tiny kitchen ornaments. my daughter would too. she would take them all to her doll house.

Martha said...


Quit yelling at my internets, will ya? And I'll give you a dollar to STAY OUT OF IT!!!

Just kidding.

I love you, sweetie!


restyled home said...

Okay, it's official: you are the funniest blogging chick in the whole blogiverse!! First, you have me thinking that this is just going to be one of those here are my tree ornaments post (which, by the way, I'll take one of each...I LOVE miniature food anythingies...but only eat the full size stuff (as evidenced by my waistline)...then make me snort out loud with your pumpkins STILL outside...very festivus, I might add...then move on into your concert story. I can probably top your concert loserville award (unless you're going to Barry Manilow or Marilyn Manson...wait wait!! Is it Ozzy Osborne??!!)

My "what the *#@* am I doing here" concert moment came when I was still dating my hubby. Guess who he took me to see?? You won't be able to because it is so incredibly backwoods...STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS!!! Yep, Stompin' Tom of "Bud the Spud" fame. If you don't know who that is, just google him and then download a song...any song...and you will be left dazed as to why I ended up marrying my husband. Go on...see for yourself...

Still want to trade Zuddy for a basement family room and bath? I told you, my hubby goes with them...plaid shirts and music choices in all!!!

Kim said...

I *lurve* your foodie ornaments!!! We have a collection of liquor/beer/wine ones on our tree...what does that say about us??? HA!

OK, fess up, what concert is this?

And, dang it, you live in the cutest house!

Michelle said...

Oh I love all your food ornaments - so cute! The jello mold is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for making my evening. You have a wonderful collection of ornaments :) I bought over a decade ago, a "fruitcake ornament" just like yours. Sadly a couple of years ago my tree fell and several of my ornaments broke. My fruitcake ornament was the one I was most saddened to lose. I have been looking ever since for a replacement. I can always come back and look at yours :) God Bless and Merry Christmas.

Martha said...

Awww...thanks Anonymous!

Hopefully you'll check back and see this response: send me your mailing address and I will SEND YOU THE ORNAMENT!! YES! It's yours!