Tuesday, December 18, 2007

House Tour

Ahhhhh! Welcome to my vomitorium!

Poor Noodle is sick with the ickies for the second time! She was up all night and didn't stop tossing her cookies until about 11 am today. So guess what? I stayed home from work today to blog......er, I mean, take care of her.

In between my vomit-catching duties I've managed to put together another house tour, friends! My priorities are soooo where they should be, right?

This one is in my favorite neighborhood - right by the chi-chi grocery store where all the stinky people shop. I was just there last night on my way home from work, and it was actually okay - no stinky people. Yet.

Anyhoo.....here she is! Cottagy and cute. It's a 2027 sq. foot craftsman-style cottage with 4 bedrooms (all on the second level) and 2 full baths - one on the 2nd level and one in the basement. The list price on this one is $449,900 and the lot is 40x150. Here's the big problem with this one: No air conditioning.

Cute. Simple. 17x13 living room. 4 feet bigger than mine. You can't see them all, but there are about 4-5 beautiful armoires in the living, dining and sunrooms. There's a 360 degree tour online and I could see them on that tour. I'm sure they need all of them for storage, because every bit of this house is finished off for living.

This is one of the sun rooms. It's off the living room and faces the back of the house. It's 13x8.

The dining room. It's 13x12 feet. It has a window seat and a built-in buffet.

Another picture of the dining room. The stairs going to the bedrooms are on the door to the left of the built-in.

This sun room is just off the dining room and faces the front of the house. It's 13x9.

The totally inadequate kitchen. Man. It's pretty small, but it does look cute and clean. My kitchen is actually a foot smaller than this one! This one is 12x9. But this is why someone invented the kitchen designer, right?

Another shot of the kitchen. The range is directly to the left of the dishwasher.

The upstairs landing.

Little tot's room. Cute.

Nursery. Cute.

Basement bathroom. Behind that door is a sauna. Saunas are h0t. I don't like to be hot. Why doesn't anyone put a meat locker in their house? Why a sauna?

Basement family room 18x12. I would sell Zuddy to the lowest bidder for a bathroom and family room in the basement.

Yes. I said the LOWEST bidder. Sorry Zuddy. You've been a good husband and father, though. Kiss-kiss! Ta-ta!

Music studio in the basement.

So! What do you think of that one?


Janet said...

You and I would be perfect companions; I am always too hot. I like the idea of the meat locker, let me know if you find one.

The house looks like it has been on the market a while, I spy summer impatiens in the landscape. Note to Realtor...take current picture even if it is not as pretty as the summer picture.

Come over and visit me sometime.

Cutzi said...

That's it! I'm moving!!! I LOVE that house. It is my favorite by far! And white cabinets even! Love it, love it, love it! And not a bad price, at least for here.

Hugs to the noodle. You should buy her some paper dolls - that's what I used to get when I was sick. They help. ;-)

gordostyle said...

I like it.

You live by some awesome houses! I wish our city had that much taste! If we want it, we have to build it. (and they will come so they say...ok that was stupid...)

I agree about sauna's..winter's my favorite! I hate heat. The sun gives me a headache. I'm all about staying in doors for a cozy something!

Christmas Cheer!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a fun tour! I like it!

restyled home said...

Hey Martha,
You always give me such house envy...Craftsman styles are one of my all-time favourites! The woodwork and the simple style makes me drool...oops, I'll wipe that up...
Let's have a look at Zuddy...I have a basement bathroom and family room. Of course, you'd have to take my hubby...he's kinda cute, but very messy!!

Oh, and a little hint...spreading goodness above for all!!

kari said...

Very nice! I love the built-ins in the dining room. And the nursery is so cute. But, I'm with you on the sauna..I don't get it either.

Hope your little one feels better soon!

Mrs. Jones said...

That house has a lot in it for the square footage. Being from California, where there are no basements, I just think basements are the coolest thing ever. Not a bad price either. I love the dining room entry way and cabinets. So cool.

Oh, yeah, I've got my priorities straight too. I quit my job to be a stay-home-blogger, oh, I mean a stay-home-mom.

Sorry to hear Noodle is so sick. :-(

Amy said...

I like this one too. I am such a sucker for built-in buffets! 4 bedrooms up...that's a good thing...and pretty good sized backyard. I would have bought this one had it been on the market a few years back!

Lisa@Take90West said...

The woodwork is beautiful, but overall it seemed a little small.
But you know, I am use to my mansion of a summer place up there!

MJ said...

You've got to keep the pictures of that basement! Let's have a basement finishing party and just do it. I bet we could have done in a weekend (or six). Wouldn't Zuddy be surprised?

Martha said...

Janet -

You're not going to believe this - There WAS a recent picture of the outside, but I didn't include it because I thought the summer picture was prettier! I forgot I'm dealing with a professional, here :)

Move on it, sister! I love this one too! It's in an excellent neighborhood.

I agree! It's small! Anything is small when you have that 53 million summer place, though. I'll bet you're feeling cramped in your winter home, huh? Ha haaaa!


Penny said...

Hope Noodle is feeling better soon!

I like this, but the kitchen is my least favorite room in this one. I don't get that little island like thing. It looks a little odd & out of place to me.

Bristol said...

So did I read in one of your posts you are from St paul. My aunt lives in St paul. My Mom's family is from Minneapolis. My great grandfather was taught at Hamlin University. Loved your post!

Elzie said...

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.
Love Elzie

Michelle said...

I love it! Kris and I have a major Craftsman bungalow obsession, and Seattle has lots to lust after. But the charm comes at double the price out here. A 2BR, 1BA Craftsman in an adjacent neighborhood recently sold for $775,000. . . so we won't be living out that fantasy any time soon. I'm just dreaming of the day when I'll have a dishwasher and central heat. Yes, central heat. Our adorable 1920s Tudor style apartment has electric baseboard heaters, and we can't turn the heat on in the bathroom because it super-heats the toilet seat! But we have the original glass door knobs, picture rails, and a hollowed-out Murphy bed in the living room. So it's all about priorities.

Tell Noodle to get well soon and that LuLu and Shelby say "hi".

chickadee said...

i love your home! it's beautiful.