Tuesday, December 11, 2007

House Tour!!!!


I've had my eye on this little beauty for a while, friends. Problem is? There aren't a lot of pictures.

But what the heck, right? The kitchen alone is worth the tour! Don't get too excited - it's not CRAZY fabulous, but it is fab-u.

Alrighty-then! Let's go!

You know I have a crazy thing for the Dutch Colonial, right? The front could use a little spiffing up, but I still love it!

The dining room! That chandelier makes me want to weep. I LOVE IT!!

The first kitchen picture. And the crystal ball thingie on the chandelier. Do you see it? That's my favorite part of this whole flippin' house!

You know I love white cabinets, people.

The living room. Clearly, nobody is living here and this house has been staged for selling.

Hey! I'm thinking of having a white or off-white slipcover made for my sofa. Does anyone out there have one? How often do you need to wash it? Will it irritate me to be able to see any grime on it? I just love the look of white sofas. But I hate dirt. And I'm known to be a bit compulsive when I see dirt.

The basement family room.

This is the view outside the front of the house. This house is in a very nice area of Saint Paul. There is a great trail across the street and just beyond those trees is the Mighty Mississippi.

This house is priced at $699,693. It has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and 2440 square feet of living space.

And I want it.

Like, right NOW.

Please send your donations...you'll always have a place to stay in St. Paul :) ha ha.

No. You really can't stay, despite your generous donation. I mean, what if you're a total Kook? Can't have that.

There are plenty of nice hotels in the area. Maybe we could meet in a nice public place for lunch when you're in town?

Okay. I officially took that one too far.

Hey - remember MJ?

So, I get a call from her last week: "Hey - I just got home from xxxxcompany's private jet! They flew me to their corporate headquarters to talk to me about doing some consulting work for them!"

Okay. I know that some day MJ will be famous. She should be because she's amazing. But I want you to know that situations like the one outlined above are not unusual for her. I will continue to throw an MJ story in my blog posts at random.

Because putting them all in at once would diminish the effect of how crazy her life is.


MJ said...

I love white cabinets too!!! Is it a passing fancy or a classic choice? I'd hate to get stuck with something I hate 10 years from now. About the white slipcovers--I have lived with 2 white couches and one white slipcovered one. I love them. I have always had a creamy white and that seems to be the ticket. The Ikea covered couch is like a natural muslin with tiny flecky things and that really helps. I've given up keeping poor Eddie and her sore hips off of it and throw a sheet on her part. You don't have big golden paws in your house. I wish all my throw pillows had removable covers. I love freshening them up occasionally. This typed by the glamorous me in the test kitchen while dribbling coffee down my front.

kari said...

Very pretty! I love the kitchen, it's so calm and serene looking. Although, I had white cabinets in our last house and swore I would never have them again (four little kids can leave some fingerprints and grime on white cabinets, let me tell you). What a pretty view across from the house, too.

Janet said...

I've always been a sucker for white cabinets. The kind that are real hardwood with a lacquer finish so they don't chip and can be scrubbed, not the thermoplastic or whatever they sell at H.D. Okay I am being a bit of a snob here, but I love the "real thing". I do love that house and marvel that Realtors there take such good pix. Ours here, mine included, never look that good. Must be a Midwest vs New England thing!!

Amy said...

When we remodeled our tiny 6x8 kitchen in NYC we put in white cabinets...I loved that kitchen! I know where that house is and I want to live on that street.

The Tattered Nest said...

I don't think white cabinets are a passing fancy, I live in a seventy year old house and my cabinets have been white since it was built. I think it is classic. All I know I am drawn to them. That is my story and I am stickin to it. If you get enough donations and buy this house, the first thing you need to do is replace the front door. funky.

Anonymous said...

I love white cabinets, but I agree with Kari, they do get dirty lookin', pretty quick! I hope someday when my kids are older I can have the white/stainless/granite look in my kitchen.
That is a good lookin' house, but I'm not a fan of the kitchen set or stools...please change that once you move in.
(I do enjoy black furniture, but that doesn't look quite right.)

Mrs. Jones said...

I have a white denim slipcovered chair and ottoman, and it's the only way to go. My baby was about 2 years old and he colored it with a ballpoint pen. You cannot find one mark on that thing now! I love, love, love it!

restyled home said...

I LOVE that house!! The colours are soo pretty!!
As for the slipcover, I have a taupe linen one, and it never looks dirty...even when it is!! I love it...you can never go wrong with slipcovers!!

You are so funny, by the way, I wish you lived near me. We'd have loads of inappropriate laughter for sure!!


The Autumn Dahlia said...

Wowee, that place is gorgeous. I just painted my dining room a similar blue, but the contrasting wall is super duper! I love how you can see the dining room from the kitchen.

Trish said...

My mom has a white slipcover on her living room couch. She waited to do the white until my bro and I graduated and moved away...the white makes her crazy cuz it looks dirty to her all the time. When the grand kiddies came along, of course they were allowed to play in, on, under the white couch with no repercussions. SOOOO not fair! We weren't even allowed to sit on the BROWN couch! I think the white is only appropriate for "staged" homes...But hey, if you really really like it, go for it! I found you via heather j...glad I did, I'm loving these houses!