Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kitchens for Cutzi

I got all gung-ho for about 30 minutes one day and found some kitchens for Miss Cutzi, who is thinking about freshening up her kitchen because she got a new paper towel holder! Ha haaa! Cutz, I'm not sure if you're looking to paint your cabinets, so I found some kitchens with painted and unpainted cabinets. First of all, everyone should go look at Linda's kitchen. If you click on the link, you'll see her cute blue cabinets. So cute. It looks really clean and sophisticated.

I love the counter tops here.

Same kitchen, different angle.

I love the wall color here. It would look great with some Kath Kidson stuff, no?

I love black counter tops.

This one looks great. I think it's well-designed, too. If my kitchen were slightly bigger, I'd love another little sink next to the cook top, like this one. And look at that little wine fridge (hiccup!)!

This is a nice one, too.

Ahhhh....this one is great. So great that there are 3 pictures of it!

Cute, no?

Kitchens are great, aren't they? Maybe I should start doing kitchen posts more often. Because I like kitchens! Don't you?
Sure you do.
You love them, just admit it.
That's right.


Cutzi said...

Yay!! Thanks for the kitchen Martha. Some great ideas! And I love that you chose ones that are the same style as my house - with rounded doorways etc. I love, love, love the kitchen with the little sink and the wine fridge. So do you think it's Silver Sage paint from RH? I also loved the red walls with the white cabinets. I decided I'm definitely doing red accents - I bought cute little red and white Martha Stewart curtains from K-Mart. And I need some bright red and yellowy oil cloth too for a table cloth. I decided I'm going to start the cabinets in January. Can't wait. I need a good paint color though - white, but not too white. Any ideas?

Kim said...

I love that last one too!

Mrs. Jones said...

I love everything in Linda's house!!

restyled home said...

Thanks for the compliment on my kitchen! I laughed at the use of the word sophisticated...not in a mean way...but because I am about as unsophisticated as they come, so when I see it attached to anything to do with me, it makes me giggle!!

Thanks out in my sophisticated blue kitchen...eating potato chips and sipping cheap fizzy wine...!

Cutzi said...

AND!! I just re-read this post and realized that you called me Cutz. I love it. Seriously. Only my closest friends and my mom call me Cutz!

Penny said...

I dream of a kitchen with white cabinets. My DH is too chicken to let me paint them. He is worried about having stained woodwork along with the painted cabinets. I told I will paint all the woodwork too, but that made him even more nervous...LOL! Between us, I think he is just afraid of painting wood...LOL!