Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm trying!

Oh, many things on my mind and on my To Do list. I'm just getting back into the real world so if you're a friend in real life? I swear you'll hear from me soon.....

We have scarcely left the house for the last 2 weeks. Noodle has been sick off and on, I've been feeling crappy, too. Now Noodle's back at school and I'm starting feel human again.

First thing on my To-Do list today? Going with MJ to the Great Estate and to Crossroads Delicatessen. We'll talk about a cookbook MJ's writing and make it a "business lunch". I've mentioned Crossroads in this blog before. If you are from the Twin Cities, you must go there.

You must. No arguments. It's just good food. Not fancy frou-frou, but yummy. I love their matzo ball soup and their hummus. You will too.

Don't go to the Great Estate, though. Don't do it. There will be less for me to look at and possibly buy if you do.

So stay away.

Plus? MJ is looking for a desk/table like my office desk. And guess what? The last time we were there? We found a bunch of the pieces that go with my desk. Good lookin' stuff! And the next time I buy an upholstered piece of furniture? It's going to be from there. Gorgeous stuff.

Here's another thing I've been thinking about: New Years Resolutions.

Have you made one? Do you normally do that? If you have, what is it? That is, if you don't mind sharing......

I always do a lame one.....something little and attainable that I know I can succeed at. This year it's:

  • Try and use my reusable grocery bags and get on the road to going "bagless". My sister, Myrna, gave me a great bag for Christmas that will help me with this. It's one of those Lands' End canvas bags with the pockets on the inside. I LOVE IT.
  • Start walking the neighbor dogs a couple of times a week again. I used to do this a lot, but haven't been doing it at all lately.
  • To start making more of an effort to see my friends. In person.

There you have it. Boring? Yep. But feel free to click on that little red and white "X" and get rid of me.

Because it's my blog. So I can talk about anything I want. And sometimes? It's going to be boring.

Aaaaahhhhh. Here she is, people. That dream dishwasher of mine. Did I buy it?


Am I going to?


I've decided to find a cheap one. Because I'm desperate. And while I WANT to spend $1200 on this beautiful hunka-hunka machine? I have too many other things to throw my money at right now. So I'm going to one of those discount appliance places to start looking for a good deal. I'm hoping to find one for $400-500.

I'm sick of looking at dirty dishes in my sink. Sick to freakin' death of it!

One more thing: I'm going to get all Fly Lady on all ya'll. Mmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm.

I need a little organization in my life. And while I used to be all psycho about how my house looked? I'm not anymore. It's cluttered and out of control.

And it couldn't be the HOURS wasted every single day reading blogs, could it?

Nnnnnnnooooooo. I'm sure it couldn't be that! I can quit that anytime I want.

I just don't want to.


Cutzi said...

You're gonna go fly on us?! Oh no!! I can feel myself resisting the peer pressure already.

And could you pick me up a couple of those dark brown bookshelves and a dining room table while you're out? Thanks.

Kim said... I need to go to that store. Now. With my credit card.

I like your resolutions. Those are the only kind that stick anyway--the kind that you are really going to do.

Ellen said...

How did I not know about Great Estate? You'd better put your tennis shoes on - you may have to fight me over something really cool that I don't need, but is obviously located there and must be bought immediately. :)

And your resolution about the bags made me go back and revise my resolution post to include the same goal. I've been meaning to do that for months now.

Jodi said...

Hi Martha! My name is Jodi and I'm finally outing myself because I come by your blog all the time. I'm well overdue to introduce myself.'snice to meet you! I'm a good friend of Cutzi's and I found you when Cutzi won the paper towel holder.

I've been a FlyLady on two different occasions and found it very helpful. But, like you said, my life would be way more organized if I didn't use blogging as a means of avoiding my chores.

Have a nice day Martha!

ZUDDY said...


MJ said...

Oh Mart!

I spent too much today. Everything I bought I love. That's important too, right! In the big picture what I brought home was fantastic and at least 70% less than I would have spent retail, right? Looked at the
flylady. need too look closer, but I think she's my mom. Scary. I have luscious Asian pork dumplings steaming. Cute little pastry twist on top and yummy. I'll feed you those soon. Everyone need one of those cheap Asian aluminum steamers--one of the most used pots in my house.


Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, I hear ya' girl. I'm tired of clutter. And I'm tired of spending all of my time managing clutter. I used to do flylady, but I got tired of excessive e-mails so I'm trying Motivated Moms cleaning schedule and 15 minutes of declutter.

I wish I had a neighbor who walked my dogs for me!

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, and my house always looks a little cleaner when I haven't been spending a lot of time blogging!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Great post!

But honestly, I think reading the Flylady's 52 emails a day takes more time than blogging!

I have no resolutions this year, but I am crying over the clutter and trying to something about it!

We'll see how it goes!

Kellie said...

I try to "fly" although I don't always succeed, and like you, my blog reading has likely taken up too much precious cleaning time. However, I'm going back on the "fly" now. But I won't sign up for the e-mails -- I just read the Web site, follow a routine and do the missions. Good luck!

The Tattered Nest said...

I agree...I had to get rid of the fly lady...way to many emails! irritating. Great Estate is now open full time! Are there really good deals on the sale weekends?