Monday, January 7, 2008

Where Did It Go????

I just signed into blogger and looked at the date of my last blog entry. I can't believe it was a week ago!

Well, here's what's been going on: I made MJ buy a few things Friday. MADE HER. Just kidding. She got this great little cabinet at the Great Estate with sliding glass doors for her hallway in entry way of her home. SO cute!

Then we went to Crossroads Delicatessen and saw this guy:

Ha haaaaa!!!! It was hilarious!

We had to call Kirst. She saw him at a party she was attending once?

And he made her throw up in her mouth a little bit.

So we called her. And she got sick all over again. Sorry 'bout that, Kirst.

Then MJ and I went to Homegoods and bought a few "needed" items. I got a new "vintage" wall phone for the kitchen:

and an urn for my CRAZY Rosemary plant. I've never been able to keep Rosemary alive indoors before, but this one is happy as a clam here! I'd show you the photo, but blogger won't let me load that photo.

MJ bought soooooo many things: 2 beautiful pans, a few desk items...what else?

We also decided to make cork/blackboards for our selves over at Kirst's house.

Because she wasn't there to object.

I've been really wanting a HUGE one like the ones at Ballard Designs, but I just can't pay that kind of money right now (or maybe ever). And I found a hardware store near us that will order in sheets of galvanized steel so that I can paint it with blackboard paint and have a magnetic blackboard.

Ahhhhh. I dream big, don't I, internets? Yes, I do. We should take bets on whether or not this will all happen.

Okay, in my last post I was reminded about what a pain in the patootie all the Fly Lady emails are. You are all right. I end up spending way too much time on the computer reading those mails. Even just going to the website is a lot of reading. Soooo.....I've bought a years' worth of organizing check lists from Motivated Moms.

Mrs. Jones had this on her blog and I finally took the plunge and bought it. It was a whopping $8. The end result is something like Fly Lady, but in a short-and-sweet checklist format. If Mrs. Jones says it's a good idea? Believe her, it is. She's one smart cookie.

And on Sunday's list of things to do? It told me to pamper myself. So I did. I gave myself a little manicure! Humph! So THERE!

I'll try and be a better blogger this week, I swear. And a better e-mailer. I'm trying. I really am.


Penny said...

Oh, I love the phone!

I used to use FlyLady too, and her emails drove me insane! Friday afternoon while coming home from errands I saw someone with a FlyLady license plate frame. Who knew people really bought that JUNK!

I use Motivated Moms too. I purchased it last summer. I liked it, but not her format so I changed the format and adapted the list for my family. I didn't purchase again this year, but do use last year's as guide to type up new lists every two weeks. Most of the things stay the same from week to week so it only takes a few minutes to change the few tasks that do.

Kim said...

I NEED that "vintage" phone!

jilly said...

Okay so I stumbled upon you through someone elses blog the other day, and now I am going back and reading your archives so that things make sense, but I am kind of mad at you. . .because now I am learning about new places I did not know about and now I have new adventures to go on :)

No really, I am SO glad and I cannot wait to check out some of the places that you are talking about.

I made a bulletin board a couple of months ago, here is mine

Thanks for all of the good finds, now I have to get back to reading your archives so I can see how this kitchen is coming :)

Sarah said...

Love the phone!!! Is that Dick from Second Wind?! GAAAH!!!! Why buy new when slightly used will do...SCARY. I need to check out motivated moms for sure!

kari said...

Please keep me posted on your corkboark/blackboard project. I drool over those in Ballard's catalogs, too. I would love to make one (I should truthfully say I would love for "my husband to make one for me") for my new craft room (that hopefully will be under construction this year). Love that phone!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Finally. I have been waiting FOREVER for a new post. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm a FlyLady drop out too. I use the Motivated Moms system (I saw it on Mrs. Jones too) and LOVE it!

Michelle said...

Was Dick Enrico as big of a spaz in real life as he is in his commercials? The two things I miss the least about MN are the commercials for Second Wind and Mattress Giant (with the cheesy, orgasmic singing at the end--ooh, ahh!). Out here we have the commercial for Tulayalip Casino set to the Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun". But they can't find anything to rhyme with "fun", so every phrase just ends with "fun". It drive me nuts; "fun" doesn't RHYME with "fun"--it's the SAME WORD. And at the end, the average-looking woman sitting at the craps table looks up into the camera and mouths "FUN!", which just makes her look psychotic, and I feel really bad for her being talked into making the commercial. Bad regional TV commercials. . . a true slice of Americana.

PLO said...

came to you via take 90 west, love the phone. I have a thing for old phones, I have a turquiose blue one, and a beige one, and a cream princess phone. About that rosemary, I kill every rosemary plant I purchase, lavander I do well with. My plant science teacher told me the key is daily spritzing....I still killed it!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

FINALLY! I did not think you were ever coming back to the blogworld!
Love that phone, very PB-esque!

I drooool over the Ballard cork and chalkboards everytime a catalog comes, I want a huge one too. Make it! Blog it! Step by step! Your fans are waiting!

Cutzi said...

ok - first of all - who is this friend Michelle of yours that lives near the Tulalip Casino? I live near the Tulalip Casino (well, 45 minutes actually) and if you have a friend near the Tulalip Casino maybe we could actually be IRL friends someday. "IRL". Isn't that so bloggerish of me?

And, since I comment on every post you write, I wasn't going to comment on this one so you didn't think I was obsessed but I LOVE that phone. I actually went on-line to see if I could order somewhere. Any ideas?

Mrs. Jones said...

Here's one post I missed. How's the schedule working out for you? Really, it's hard to get any housework done when you're working during the day. When I'm gone all day, I can only do so much when I get home. I need to start assigning these motivated moms chores to my cleaning crew (kiddos).