Saturday, February 16, 2008


  • I'm getting rrrrreal sick of winter. And the cold. It's been cold.

  • I'm the warmest person in the universe, so cold doesn't usually bother me. you think it could be all the blogging/sitting around I do?

  • I went to my old friend Holly's house yesterday. I didn't want to leave - I had so much fun visiting her and seeing 2 of her 4 kids (the other 2 were in school). They were cute as buttons. Her 4 1/2 year old boy came home from preschool and hugged his 2 year old sister right when he came in the door. It was the sweetest thing ever. How could I have lost touch with her?

  • I know how: I'm a lazy friend. And luckily? My friends are so low maintainence that they don't seem to mind.

  • I got a new job! Yay! It will be a 2-3 days a week thing and I'm thrilled. Sitting on my buttocks and blogging doesn't pay real well.

  • Did you watch wife-swap last week? Holy shit. I need my good tv shows back. When are the writers going to be crankin' out the good stuff again?

  • After that show, I started calling Zuddy "the gate keeper". Then I made him call me by my new work title, "Scientist". Ha! I'm going to be throwing that around for a while. You all may need to start addressing me this way as well. Heh.

  • I know I need to share 3 recipes with y'all. One of my recipes needs to be documented - I never measure the ingredients. One of them is stolen from Ina Garten, but I always change the ingredients, so I need to document my changes.

  • Speaking of recipes, do you know what I made the other night? After I read Sarah's blog and saw her casserole recipe, all I could think about was Tater Tot Hotdish. So I made it. Noodle hated it (of course), but Zuddy and I chowed down on it. It just hit the spot on a cold Wednesday night. Zuddy couldn't believe I made it.....I'm not a casserole lover at all, but the one on Sarah's site looked so good to me! Maybe I'll make hers next time.

  • Just so you don't think I'm above mistakes in the kitchen - I made some scalloped potatoes last night and I didn't have enough cream for them, so I topped off the cream with milk and added some butter to replace the fat in the cream. Didn't work. The cheese curdled and the butter pooled all over. They were so gross and fatty - they tasted okay, but all that butter made me squirm.....Zuddy didn't seem to mind, but my intestines rebelled. Ish.

  • MJ and I went to a conference for the Sustainable Farming Association a couple of weekends ago. It was awesome. So inspiring. So many farmers, students, people just interested in Sustainable agriculture and eating local, co-op owners, Vintners. At the very end of the conference there was a Wine and Cheese tasting and MJ interviewed all of the Farmers/Cheese Artisans/Vintners. She did such a good job and made everything so interesting! I truly believe MJ will be famous some day. One guy even stopped to talk to her and tell her how amazing she is. I can't wait to go to another event with this group. The people who come to these things are wonderful. Okay. Some of them are total hippies talking about auras and herbs, but they're still super-nice.

  • What else? I don't know....oh! I went to see 27 dresses with my pal Sandy the other day. What a great chick-flick! Have you seen it?


Sister Honey Bunch said...

I haven't seen a movie in for-freaking-ever. I need a good chick flick.

Logan and I made a tater tot casserole dish this week. It was actually pretty good.

What's the job?

Michelle said...

Yes, Scientist, what's the job?

I made Kris see Atonement with me a few weeks ago, and I still get a little choked up when I think about it. (Kris liked the 15-minute scene at Dunkirk. And that's about it.) The book packs an even bigger emotional blow to the gut, but the movie stands on its own beautifully. Highly recommended.

Martha, it's going to be mostly sunny, with a high of 56 out here on Monday. Sometimes there are amazing last-minute airfare deals to be had. . .

Sarah said...

Good afternoon scientist Martha,

What is the new job???

I agree wholeheartedly with you on the winter needing t end thing. I actually have my bathroom window open (cracked) today because *gasp* it might hit 30 degrees. I am craving fresh air!!

Movies... what are those?? We never go and see movies because babysitters are hard to come by. I did get a gift certificate from the cinema from one of my student for Christmas. It still sits in my purse. Maybe this summer I will see a movie?? One can hope.

Thanks for the recipe shout out. You will love it!! I am not a casserole girl either, but this one is drool worthy. Even my TODDLERS like it... so that says alot. I will be waiting to see what yours are!!!

Have a great weekend!


Mamma Millan said...

hllo what a lovely blogg you have!!!! Millan, Sweden


Congrats on the new job! Come on tell us all about it...

PLO said... have been a busy scientist. I think I have lost my MN blood, as I am always cold! I LOVE tater tot casserole!!! Maybe I will make some today!!!

kari said...

Scientist? Sounds super-impressive, congratulations!

About the movie '27 Dresses'...I really want to see it and so does my daughter. Is it appropriate enough for an eleven year old or not? I usually let her watch PG-13, but, sometimes even PG-13 can be a little too much. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Scientist, or scientologist?

I keep on trying to remember to ask you about Ina, what was she like? We sold her premixes at the store, they were awesome, but she never came for a visit. I so adore that kitchen of hers, and Jeffrey, oh sweet Jeffrey.
New job, sounds like fun. What is it?
I would love to see Atonement, Michelle, but alas, no one would go with me. Suppose to be glorious today in the PNW possibly 50s, it looks like it might come true, all blue beautiful skies this morning!
Happy sunday, All
coastal nest

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I did the same substitute milk and butter for cream in some homemade macaroni and cheese and it was okay...but there was butter floating on the top. Gross!
I would love to see 27 dresses...I did see Snow Buddies, though! I think you and the Noodle would really like it.
Share the tater tot casserole! I love that dish!
Congrats to you Madame Scientist.

restyled home said...

I loved this post! I so wish i could hang out with you...I'm low maintenance, so I could fit in with your list of friends pretty easily...

Loved 27 Dresses...made me want to start dating again...just kidding..!!!

Amy said...

I just popped over to Sarah's site to check out the recipes...that taco pizza looks good. My kids love making pizza at home, helping with the toppings is oh so fun!

Madame Scientist, When do we get to hear more about this job?

Mrs. Jones said...

Really, Scientist, is 27 Dresses good? Because I'm so *?@!* sick of seeing Kathryn Heigl's wedding, honeymoon, house decorating, life story, etc. that I might actually vomit if I go see the movie. But really, I just didn't get the impression that it was good. But if you liked it, I might be willing to give it a try.

I'm so bummed I missed that wife swap. I don't know why my dvr didn't record it! And enough with the strike! I need a 30 Rock fix, stat!!

Anonymous said...