Friday, February 15, 2008

Craftsmen and Crazy Cat Ladies.

Hey there bloggers!

I was a very busy girl looking for Craftsman-style houses yesterday. I found a few, but they're not the kind of decor and "over the top" craftsman I think Sister Bunch-O'-Honey and Michelle are wanting.
But I found this little beauty. Oh- and ThirkleGirl will hate it.
But I want it.
Like, NOW .
And Zuddy? I have NO IDEA what the garage looks like. I know if it were up to you? You'd gut the house and turn it into a garage anyway. So for your viewing pleasure? Just imagaine every house you see as a fabulous garage.
So - here it is. A 3 bedroom, 2 bath house built in 1916 with 2,897 square feet of living space. In a fabulous neighborhood in Minneapolis (Near Jilly's house) for $514,900.

I just love the outside of this one. All bugalow-y cute. Cozy. Yum.

This storm door makes me want to weep tears of joy...and then it makes me want to see more it. The living room.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

This is a dresser in one of the bedrooms! The bedrooms were nothing special, so I didn't save those pictures.

The rear of the place.

It has a 2 car garage (Zuddy). Awwww, Zud. You know what? If I were the wife I should be - the wife I should strive to be - I would've saved the picture of the house in Saint Paul with the 2 gargages. That's right. One house, TWO 2-plus car garages! On a city lot! They were facing each other with a driveway between them. You know what Zuddy would've called them? "Dueling Garages".
For those of you who don't live around here, this is very rare. City lots are very small and there are a lot of 1 car garages.

Okay, so now you're going to need to indulge me. Mary Jane and I were talking about our newest passion yesterday - miniatures. MJ found a local miniature shop online and I went there the other day. They're going to help me wire my house for electricity. I told MJ they have classes for people on how to make stuff and how to wallpaper your house, etc.

Then? She told me about how this hobby is just thisside of "crazy cat lady"status. Let me illustrate:

Normal__________________M&MJ___________Crazy Cat Lady

In this illustration, notice I didn't put us directly to the left of the Crazy Cat Lady.

That's because we haven't actually taken any classes yet.

And I have only visited this store and haven't actually bought anything.

But I've been stalking miniature artists. And so this doesn't make me normal anymore. Because look at what I aspire to create/own:

June Clinksales


And because I'm all about honesty and self disclosure: I told MJ I want to have an artist make me a slipcovered sofa for Gracie's dollhouse (It's mine.).

Because everything in mini-world is too formal.

And I'm a very casual person.

And also very normal.


Thirkellgirl said...

You don't know how much time I've spent trying to find jpgs that will actually load onto Blogger of houses that *I like. So we can find a house we both love and be simpatico in blog-land. I'm one step away from crazy cat lady, too, I think.

Mrs. Jones said...

Maybe I should give sewing a dollhouse slipcover a try before I finish my big one. You are too funny, girl! (how much do ya think one of them there pretty rooms cost?)

I have an electricity kit for my dollhouse (hmmmmm, I've had it for about 15 years). I think I need to figure out furniture placement before I tackle that though.

LLA said...

ACK - imagine me with an LOLCat kind of caption over my head: I WANT!!!!!

*that's* the kind of reaction that the gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Craftsman house is inspiring in me. So help me... I think I drooled a little....

Does it snow in Minneapolis???? wait - they seem to have a lot of serial killers there, right? I read those John Sandford novels... I know... ;)

And as for the miniature thing? You just embrace your one-tick-left-of-crazy-cat-lady status! I think it sounds fabulous - and when I look at some of those pictures? I'm really impressed... I had no idea....

Bristol said...

Oh my word that house is beyond wonderful!! It is a riot to see how different real estate costs are. Have a great weekend.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Thank you! I loved that house. Keep 'em coming.

Beth said...

Just take that house apart, pack up the pieces, and send it down here...please!!? :)

Another great one. I want a doll house, too. My daughter is 18, so I can't claim to buy one for her...maybe I can say I'm getting it ready for grandkids?

BTW, I tried to reply to the email you sent me and AOL is telling me I've got a bad address...they hate me. :)

Lisa @ Take90West said...

LOVE that house...and the full blown cat lady who guided me thru it!

Lady P said...'s another old house! Redeeming quality: MINIATURES!! Oh, I love miniature anything! Imagine if you could build a house like the ones you profile on your blog, then fill it with exquisite furniture you built yourself? I did say exquisite...not toothpick furniture glued together : ). Oh, I feel a new hobby itching at my hands!!

jilly said...

Okay first of all those miniatures are insane, seriously I cannot believe the detail in them!

I know the house and I love it, it has a lot of the same built-ins that I have, great house. I cannot live in a home without built-ins anymore, mine are all full of my things, which would mean if I move I have to buy actual furniture to put them in and then have the space to do so.

Janelle said...

Oh my gosh, those glass-doored built-in bookcases in that house...drool, drool...!

Sometimes Craftsman homes are a little too dark for my taste--all that wood, I guess, and little windows--but that living room looks like the perfect place to snuggle in for a Minnesota winter!

Michelle said...

That is one gorgeous Craftsman. All that delicious woodwork makes me very happy. Thank you, Martha!

Anonymous said...

Heaven help us! I MUST go to that shop!!! I think F & I will have to make a little stop there this weekend. After the home show, everything will seem so reasonable. I wonder what he'll think of it all. He bought me my own Dremel set the last time I slipped into dollhouse mania. He's totally an enabler. How about your men, everyone? I think most guys secretly dig it!


Amy said...

OK...I have to say...I totally don't get the fascination with the miniatures! I think you need to move a little to the right on the scale there Martha.

However, I am right there with you on the real house tours. I LOVE the bungalow. That is just my kind of house.

Kellie said...

I'm with you about the crazy cat lady stuff. Every time I start carrying on about how much I love my daughter's dollhouse and how we search out little treasures, etc., I keep thinking "you're acting like all those weird old crazy cat lady miniatures collectors..." But I'm not! I swear!

Barb said...

I am in love with the exterior of that house. Absolutely in love.

Barb said...

I am in love with the exterior of that house. Absolutely in love.

Barb said...

Crap. Didn't mean to leave the same comment twice. And now I've left three comments. Sorry. :->

Martha said...

Awwww, Aim!

Come ON! You don't think those miniatures are amazing?

Mrs. Thirkell.....I keep forgetting to check that link you gave me. I'll do it tonight :)

Beth - I think something's going on with my email, I think - I didn't get any notices about any of the comments today!

MJ - Maybe F. is embracing his chick side. All men have 'em. I swear.


Sarah said...

I love the craftsman style. Man rambler is bor-ing. I love all the woodwork. Oh and that last "mini" kitchen... I love it LOVE IT! I have three cats... the most I have ever owned is 4. Does that qualify me for the CCL status?

I am so proud that you liked Rock of Love. Who is your pick for the winner? The show is a trainwreck and I LOVE it. :)

Cutzi said...

Hey Martha! We're not sick, just busy - Phew!! Thanks for checking in on us though. Justin thought for sure he was getting it on Valentine's Day but he somehow escaped it.

Love ya friend! Have a great weekend.

Lisa said...

This crazy mini stuff is freakn a sister out up here in Washington state. sorry.
Show me some photos of you doll house Martha, maybe then Id get excited about them. We have an awesome vintage federal dollhouse from the 40s that (both of us)Reagan and I got from my best gay boyfriend this Christmas. Its got boxes of plastic fancy furniture and all the accoutrements, but..Still, Reagan loves to play with it, we bought some little mini skipper dolls and friends for her to play with in it..

These house tours, however are rockin for sure. Lots of this style of home in your hood? Or is this what you love?
My Sister and Brother both live in very Craftsmen homes. My bro, now theres a house tour. Hes got a great home.

you girls are so funny, i am so glad I found you all. I think we are very lucky to live far away from eachother. Trouble city, for sure.

Michelle said...

Loving the miniatures. I keep thinking if I can't afford to decorate my own house the way I want, maybe I can decorate my dollhouse to the 9s.