Saturday, March 1, 2008


Oh my gosh.

It's my blogiversary!!! And I don't have a give-away planned!

And I have no money for said un-planned giveaway.

Well, internets? You'll just have to wait until I start working a little more regularly.

So I will put it off.

Because, really. Isn't that what I do anyway? I don't think it would be very "me" if I just did a bloggy giveaway on my ACTUAL blogiversary, would it, now? I already know what I'm going to give out. Here's a hint: It has to do with cooking.

And, no.

It's not a piece of All Clad.

Guess what else??? It was mine and Zuddy's Anniversary yesterday! Yep! Leap Day. We had a nice night together (thanks to Zuddy...) We just hung out, held hands and watched TV. Here's the thing that made it special, though: I needed to get my mile walk in, so I popped in my walking dvd and Zuddy did it with me. Now THAT is love, my friends.

Gosh. I wish I had a scanner - I'd scan a wedding day photo of us. Here's an idea, though. Go here and click on the last photo. You can see some photos we had taken soon after we were married.

Zuddy and I were engaged for three years. I wanted to finish college before we got married, but I ended up doing a student internship, which delayed my graduation.

I hated planning the wedding. I bought a dress right away - that was the easy part. But then I couldn't get caterers to call me back, and to think about a band or a DJ when neither of us likes to dance? just didn't seem like fun or like "us". It just didn't feel right. Plus? My parents gave me money to go towards our wedding and it just seemed to be a waste to use it for one day when what we really wanted was a house. So we got antsy, bought a house and got hitched. The only reason we got married is because we didn't want to live together before we got married - not because either of us has a problem with that, but his parents would've freaked out.

So we ended up getting married on a Thursday by a Justice of the Peace. I went to class in the morning and we got married at lunch. We had closed on our house the previous day and we had a party in our empty little house. It was totally low-key, totally un-fussy. Whoever could come on a Thursday came and that was that! We had cakes from Cafe Latte and we both took Friday off and moved me into our little house!

Zuddy's parents were FURIOUS. Well, his Mom was. Probably his Dad was, too, but he's pretty easy-going. I got a nasty letter from his Mom telling me how sinful it was to be not be married in God's house or something like that. It's not the first nasty letter I've received from her - oh, no! We affectionately call any letter from her a "nasty-gram". Whenever we get a letter in the mail from her, it typically sits around until one of us (usually Zuddy) gets up the nerve to open it. It's been a while since we've gotten a nasty one. Probably since we had the Noodle. I never even acknowledged them. In my opinion, if something is bugging you, you talk to the person who is part of the problem. If not? You're either a coward or you've decided it's not important enough to make a stink about. And - in retrospect? Most things really aren't important enough to make a stink about, in my opinion.

So there! That was 12 years ago. The first couple of years were rough. Zuddy is sooo laid back and I just wasn't. It was tough getting used to living with each other.

But after all this time, we've found our groove. We really don't fight much (thank you Zoloft). We're still totally low-key...I'm waaayyyy more low key. We don't need much to make us happy. And the most important thing to me is that we have a cozy, happy, healthy home for our little girl.


Sister Honey Bunch said...

Happy Anniversary Ba-bay. Gotchu on mah miii-iiind.

I hate that song.

Anyway, happy Blogiversary too.

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversaries!!!!!

That really sucks about your MIL. I just don't get why people gotta get all up in arms about the little things in life. You loved each other, you still got married before moving in together, why did she have to make such a stink? ... why can't people just be happy? Congrats on 12 years together. Thats awesome.

Todd is waaaaaay laid back too. I am the wacked out one. We still struggle with that sometimes, but in the end its all good. I am off to check out your link to the pics!

Have a good weekend!

Lisa said...

Hi Martha,

I was just stalking other blogs and found the cutest anniversary dedication, its like its from a movie..
go here

I hope you have a million more years with your man. Happy Days Girlfriend-


Michelle said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary! (Right? Twelve divided by a leap year every four years? Or did 2000 screw that up? Whatever, Happy Anniversary!) How sweet that Zud did your walking DVD with you! Kris says, "Yes, new material!"

I can't believe you got nasty-grammed for your wedding! That woman needs some SSRIs and a stern lecture from Jesus (not that she'd listen). This Christmas was the first time she sent a gift directly to Kris; every other year she sent his mom a card and money for him and his sisters--with different amounts of money stipulated for each sibling, depending on whether or not she agreed with their current lifestyle choices. Gotta love my MIL--she always divided the money into equal thirds and said, "Here, this is from my Mommy Dearest."

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Happy blogoversary and Anniversary!
I think your wedding and the party at your house sound perfect...I really think a wedding doesn't have to about that party, but more about the people. That's why we got married in Las Vegas. I had a chunk of money for the wedding from my mom and I just could not spend it on a party. We bought a house and it was the best thing we ever did. That initial investment and profit made having our larger house today possible!

See, that is why we can be sisters...because I get it!

Lady P said...

Happy anniversary - times 2! Thank goodness you had the guts to get married the way you wanted to. Can you imagine if you had a wedding and MIL came? I have the awful "in-laws" that poor hubby has to contend with. I lived with hubby for a year before we married. On my wedding day, my father, driving me to the church, said he'd happily drive by the church if I didn't want to get married...he thought I was being pressured to! I was getting ready to open the door and JUMP out to get away from him! Then, on my wedding night he asked to borrow our car, because he and his wife were "bored". Then, if that weren't enough, he also asked me... and then my new husband... if we'd postpone our honeymoon so we could entertain them(my father and his wife)!!! Flash forward 23 years: I no longer speak to my father or have him in my life. I am soon to celebrate 23 years with my wonderful husband, and we have 2 teenagers we adore.

I've always maintained.... you choose your spouse and your friends. You don't get to choose your family (or even the kids!!!) so who is to say they are healthy for your life???

Janet said...

Unless you and Zuddy are a couch ( possible, I suppose) that link didn't work :)


Happy Anniversary to a very sweet couple! And for your blogiversary I think you should pass on the love and give a way that flat screen t.v. that you won! tee. hee. just trying to help.

Bristol said...

Happy anniversary!!! I like the wedding story!

kari said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Blogiverary, too! Sounds like you are guys are a perfect match.

Jodi said...

Urghh...I'm so sorry you have to deal with that from your MIL. That is so seriously uncool.

I didn't want a wedding either. An entire day involving lots of guests and lots of spent money which all revolved around ME was so not my cup of tea. I wanted to elope to Hawaii and get married on the beach. We did the wedding anyway. My husband said he really wanted one; I think he just wanted to avoid what would most definitely have been our own brand of nast from my MIL. Oh well. My doctor gave me prescriptions for two different kinds of sedatives and the day went just swimmingly.

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Blogiversary!