Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ooo La La!

Hey! Internets!

Are you Cottage Living subscribers? Did you get your new issue over the weekend?

SIGH........love that magazine.

Here is my fave spread from this issue. I just love this house.

I mean - come ON! How great is this front yard??? So lush and cottagy.

The living room looking into the dining room. First of all, I love the curtains. I'm thinking about going with curtains in my house, but I'm worried my house is too small.


Did you notice how I just made these people's beautiful little cottage all about ME? I'm good....

The dining room/library. The owners are both architects and they had the bookshelves in the dining room built to accommodate their book collection. I love that over sized chandelier.

Awwwww......sweet Jesus. How awesome is that kitchen?? So big! I guess that table is 14 feet long.

The kitchen has a SINK, too! Heh.

Okay, the kitchen freak in me has a problem with the sink being on the other side of the room from the range. Because I'll bet they're about 18-20 feet away from each other (if that table is 14 feet long). Maybe they have another sink by the range. I'm sure they do, right? Because if they don't I can't love the house anymore and I'll need to discontinue this post.

So let's pretend they have that sink, shall we?


The master bedroom with doors to the back yard.

Oh, sweetMaryMotherofGod. I love this patio. It's exactly what I want someday. ARGH. I wish I could have those big planted box woods. I'll take that baby, too. I've been wanting another one lately.


Lisa said...

Hey Martha,
I just had to wipe the slobber off of my issue prior to writing this, yes, it is delicious-- for sure. I think Cottage Living is byfar--- the best mag out there right now. ILOVEIT!!
Your house could totally have curtains. Look how small this house is.
The style editor of cottage living is a rockin chick, now shes got the best cottage evah!
hey- have a great day..

Cutzi said...

Oh! We are such kindreds! Especially in the house tastes department. I love that it's cottagy but a little modern too. I'm not a subscriber but I may have to go buy it (the mag) today just so I can steal those ideas.

And you know I am all for having more babies! In fact, no joke - I've had this post title rolling around in my brain this morning.."On being and only child."

Queen B said...

I have my magazine open to just that house!! I love, love, love it.

The Kitchen. That's all I can say. The Kitchen.

Michelle said...

Let me say first that I fully support you and Zud having another baby. There are seven years between my sister and me, and it has been great. Sure, she annoyed the crap out of me when I was in my teens, but if you don't spend the years between 12-16 being annoyed by everything, then you're not being a very effective adolescent.

I love that master bedroom. In the past, I didn't like gray on walls, but it's been growing on me. Especially since it looks so gorgeous with B&W photos.

PLO said...

thanks for posting those pictures of my house, that was really nice of you. Ha ha.

Sarah said...

Wow. That is a friggin gorgeous. I have never been a curtain gal, but those ARE pretty. Yup... I like pretending about the sink too.

I am always in the mood for taking a baby too. I would not be opposed to having you join my sleep deprived ranks... it makes for good times.

Does Zuddy know you are dreaming about magazine babies?

Oh and BTW... I didn't post on the hair thread yesterday, because, well... it was just too disturbing.

Lady P said...

Nice house! I don't subscribe to great magazines like these because I would spend my days weeping over the fact that I don't own a house like the one profiled. I love the light airiness of the kitchen, although I'm not a big fan of the block sink look. I'm one for built in bookcases full of books, and they have 2 lining the room!!

Penny said...

I do subscribe and I was drooling over the same house. Especially that kitchen sink! That's what I want in my little ole kitchen.


I think that is the only magazine that I don't have a subscription! gotta get one...love the front of that house!

janet said...

Loved that house too and since they are both architects I have to believe that the gorgeous kitchen is also an efficient kitchen. When can we kick them out and move in??


kari said...

Oooh! I love that house. The bookshelves, the patio, the kitchen, it's all fabulous.

Janelle said...

Oh Lord, I gotta go find that magazine! I want a front yard Just. Like. THAT!!!