Thursday, April 3, 2008


  • I love my new job. It's stress-free.

  • Conversely? A monkey could do my job. I'm very afraid that the people I work for will wise-up and eliminate my position.

  • Since mid-March I've been to Boston, Arkansas, Seattle, San Francisco and Atlanta.

  • I would love to live in Boston, Seattle or San Francisco. Atlanta and Arkansas would be too humid for me. Atlanta was already 120% humidity at the beginning of April. I have too delicate of a constitution for high humidity.

  • The phrase "delicate constitution" makes me giggle.

  • I left for San Francisco on Monday evening. I didn't get there until late.

  • When I was riding the tram to the car rental, there was an amorous couple standing next to me. The woman was tweaking the guys nipples through his hoodie sweatshirt and grabbing his crotch. I kid you not. It scarred me for life. I'll never be the same.

  • I got to my hotel in San Francisco Monday at 11pm.

  • I left for the airport to travel to Atlanta on Tuesday at 11:30 am.

  • I got to my hotel room in Atlanta Tuesday at 11pm.

  • I got home last night at 9pm.

  • People-watching at the airport is a good time.

  • I'm glad I don't have to travel with a 15 month old. There was a lady with a boy that age traveling from San Francisco to Atlanta and that boy didn't make a peep the whole trip. He was the best little guy.

  • The Noodle was not that kind of baby. She would've made the whole plane miserable. People would've started breaking the windows and trying to squeeze their bodies out of them to drop to their deaths just to get away from us. I'm not lying.

  • Delta is way better than Northwest.

  • I've had never traveled on Delta before because Minneapolis is a Northwest hub.

  • The people I travel with are hilarious. Yesterday my body hurt from laughing. Scott the sales guy is a riot and had all of us in tears at lunch yesterday.

  • I'm happy to be home.

  • My cats are happy to have me home. Quinn the cat layed next to me all night, purring and licking my face. Helmie the cat is currently ignoring me. I'm being punished for leaving her. She'll make up with me later today.

  • Noodle is watching Zoey 101, so she doesn't care about anything else.

  • I've missed my bloggy friends and will catch up with blogs in the next couple of days.

What have you been up to?


Bristol said...

Busy, busy you are. That is great to love your job~ I bet san francisco was wonderful.

Suzy said...

The part about the plane and people smashing the windows was HILARIOUS. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm so glad I did!

Janet said...

Okay, I will bite...why were you in SF for just 12 hours?? I would be annoyed to go to any city and then not be able to spend time looking around. My perfect job would send me to fun places and always pay for me to stay a couple of extra days to "play". Guess that's why I never found the perfect job, huh? And oh yeah, Boston is pretty darn humid in the summer too, sorry !


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

There is no better people watching than at the airport. Except maybe at the laundromat.

Glad you are home.

Lisa said...

Glad your back, girly.

Sarah said...

I am sooooo happy you are back! You have a busy job!

Kim said...

You are having a way more exciting week than me! I'm just workin', workin'.

Michelle said...

See what Janet said? Boston is too humid. So that leaves Seattle or San Francisco. I'd be fine with either, but obviously with a strong preference for Seattle. You know, just in case you felt you needed my blessing :)

Glad you're back.

PLO said...

You are in such demand. Nobody would fly me to all of those locations, ever. And why would they? I have to be drunk to fly, and then I would be useless when I got there.

Penny said...

Welcome home, busy lady!

Cutzi said...

Why would anybody want to move to San Francisco???? I hear the people in Seattle are way nicer. heh heh. Plus, all the cool people are doin' it. Like Michelle. And Sarah.

Missed ya while you were gone. And ewww on the gropers.

Thirkellgirl said...

Duh. I knew you lived in Minneapolis, but it never clicked. My daughter will be going to school in middle-o-nowhere Wisconsin and I'll be in/out through Minneapolis at least three times in the next school year! Perhaps we could meet for coffee and sarcasm at some point.

restyled home said...

I missed you, too! I think it's so unfair that I can't just come over and hang out with you. We'd eat and laugh...heavenly!

You just reminded me of some funny travel conversations I overheard on our trip to Toronto. Maybe I'll blog about them...