Friday, April 4, 2008

More things.......


I feel like I have so much to say today - and everything is random.

So, let's start off on an icky note with our Rolf the NAMBLA boy (His new name thanks to Barb and Michelle).

Just another outfit of his.
I had it waiting in my photos to post. Couldn't let it go to waste now, could I?

Don't worry.

This gets better.

Right Said Fred. Memba them???

I was reminded of them when I went on my Boston trip a couple of weeks ago.

Because I was at the same gate for this trip as the first time time I went to Boston to visit my pal Liz when she graduated from Harvard in '92

And who should be slinking around in the airport?

That's Right: Right Said Fred.

And if you think they were just two guys, minding their own business, trying to catch their plane incognito?

You would be wrong.

They had the entourage with them and the sunglasses on and looked pretty much exactly like their picture here. Too sexy for the airport.

Except they were showing more cleavage. Shaved cleavage. They had less hair on their chest than I do. Too much information?

Sorry 'bout that.

I feel giggly today. I think it's because last night I got to talk to my new friend Colleen. She's the Mom of the Noodle's pal, L.

And she makes me laugh very hard. I was describing a 'creepy Pete' last night and I was having problems coming up with the right words. All she had to do was suggest the words, "Did he look like a 'level 3'?"

I think she's my new best friend. We understand each other.

Oh my gosh, internets. We had such a fantastic day here yesterday! I think it was in the 50's...sunny, warm and perfect. Noodle wanted a picnic. Check out her outfit. Niiiice.

And how about the flair in which I served our lunch? Classy, no?

And Helmie the cat decided to join us:

And then Homer, our neighbor cat, stopped by to hang with us:

He thinks he lives at our house and has no qualms just sneaking right in when he gets the chance.

Okay. Here's just a little more randomness for the day. I want some built-ins like this for my dining room:

Photos from Martha Stewart

Maybe not for an office, but for other stuff. Because look at our dining room now. Wouldn't it be perfect to have built-ins here?

Sorry. It's a little blurry. But I could just do some single glass doors on each side of the windows....wouldn't that be great? We just need more storage in our tiny little house.

I guess I'd better concentrate on getting the kitchen done first, huh?


Sarah said...

OMGoodness- I almost spit my coffee through my nose when I read "level 3" LOL I am going to have to use that one. HOw cute is Noodle in her stocking feet eating lunch on the front steps??? Thats what spring in Minnesota is all about baby!

Oh and I loooooooooooove the built ins too...oh and I love randomness, thats how I function. IN a state of randomness-so you make perfect sense to me.

jilly said...

Ohhhhh, so many comments!

First, I am back and forth between Boston and NYC for the next three weeks, I could only BE so lucky as to see RSF, I "heart" them. . .or I used to anyway.

Love the picnic!

I could not live without my builtins in my dining room, seriously. We have looking at a million houses lately and that is always a sore spot with me, but Scott says if it doesn't have any, and if there is room for them that he would go to the architectural salvage place or scour Craigs list for them, so that is a thought. I can't believe it when people pull them out!

Good post!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Noodle has some loooong legs on her!

restyled home said...

Loved Right Said Fred...or at least their I'm too Sexy song...that can still get me up on the dance floor. Can you just imagine me...tacky!!!

I used to have pinics like that all the time with my boys. Random, easy, a stray cat never hurts!

Go for the built-ins...but enough about that...I'm off to fantasize about Rolf (should be more like know, hurl!!) Creepy, for sure!!

Mary Jane said...

A word about Rolf the NAMBLA boy. I laughed along with everyone else at this boy. Never did I dream I'd see this fashion-don't in the wild. It happened in Dallas last week. Granted, it was a very hip party--but come on! It reminded my of my son's Easter outfit when he was 4. Made me want to go scrub the guy's face with a spat upon kleenex. Instead I just quietly giggled. Also reminds me of the icky Lolita fashions that are happily disappearing. I always loved to dress my little girl in little poufy lace dresses, but not paired with platform Mary Jane's now that she's 17. Ick Ick Ick.

Beth said...

I want those built-ins and I don't even have a dining room.

Rolf...that's perfect. You can even see that right arm just a-twitchin' and ready to go into a Nazi salute at any moment.

Michelle said...

Am I being desensitized, or is Ralph the NAMBLA boy's outfit just a tiny bit less creepy than the last? Mary Jane, I am horrified that this look is appearing in the real world, and I'm so sorry you had to see it.

Your description of RSF's shaved cleavage was quite the mental picture. Too sexy for the airport indeed.

Anyone who describes a creep as a "level 3" would be my new best friend, too. That's hilarious.

Noodle looks adorable in those leggings! Maybe Google Maps will catch your picnic to replace the image of you in your orange gardening shorts. Although I think the orange gardening shorts make for a much better story than a civilized picnic.

I love the idea of built-ins surrounding your windows. It would be cute, functional, and it would increase your resale value when you move to the west coast!

Lisa said...

I love the built-in porn youve got there, Marty.. Your fellow Martha girl really can put out some good stuff.REEaaaaLLL goood..

Kim said...

Lovin those built ins. Martha S. could just come on over to my place anytime to add on some of those.

I can't believe that you even recognized RSF for who they are...or, were they somehow emblazoned with their group name?

PLO said...

I'm gonna run right out and get Mr. forcryeye one of those snazzy outfits!