Thursday, June 19, 2008

AND THE WINNERS ARE..............

going to be picked later. When my camera battery is all charged up.

You see, I wore out the battery taking pictures on my Mc Hottie ride-along.

I will say this: I did already pick one winner. I'm not sayin' who it is yet. But I will tell you this: Zuddy and I both picked this one because of it's cringe-worthiness and also because it's totally something that would happen to me. Cause I never do something embarrassing on a small scale...nope.

All of the other participants are going into a container for the Noodle to pick the 2nd winner. Those were some fine stories, ladies.

Let's do a little rundown on the stories, shall we?

  1. Sue: A friend of hers demurely excused herself from church service (in a HUGE church) to ummmm.....attend to her bathroom needs. Came back to her seat with her skirt unknowingly tucked into her granny panties.
  2. Lisa: Her sweet son POWER PUKED all over dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The word "faucet mouth"? Highlight of the story for me :)
  3. Sarah: Doing a driveby-stalking of her boyfriend....crashes into an elderly German couple's car while trying to stalk. Totals her Mom's brand new car.
  4. Blueberry: having a sophisticated date with hubby at the symphony. Browsing in the gift shop during intermission and when it's time to go back to her seat she grabs hub's hand to head back.......only it's not HUB'S HAND!!!!! She has another story, but I love this one the best.
  5. Jen: Got stuck trying on a shirt at the Gap. The shirt had to be destroyed in the removal process. Heh. Love it.
  6. Cutz: She's not in the contest to win the prize, so I'm leaving her out of the drawing, but suffice it to say that she can't seem to keep track of her panties while on vacation. Heh.
  7. Linda: She has three stories, but here's my favorite: In the video store with 3 kids. One of the boys does a silent but deadly emission. She gets blamed LOUDLY by the other son.
  8. Kim: 2 stories: Her panties with the faulty elastic fall down in the lobby of her work!! Also, while Blueberry was holding some guys hand that wasn't her hubby? Kim takes this situation a step further and gooses a guy who isn't Glenn, her hubby! Ha!
  9. D'Rae: Corporate Challenge games.....flashes all the higher-ups when falling legs-up during the tug-o-war. Okay, fine. She didn't actually say it was the higher-ups, did she? I'm extrapolating. Hey D'Rae? Did you get a promotion after that? :)
  10. Amy: Schnockered on a male-filled boat ride in Lake Michigan. Had to pee. Hung off the boat's edge to do her business. Fell in the water and lost her shorts and unders. And apartment keys. Had to wear a towel the rest of the evening and hunt down her landlord all over Chicago for an extra set of keys. All without any pants on. I know Amy personally....and I've got to tell you: this is not at all unusual for her. HAAAAAAAaaaaa!!!!!

Great job Everyone!! Thanks so much for playing my game.

Okay - I'm going check on my battery now!


Sister Honey Bunch said...

OK. Those were funny. And hey!! Good to see you!

D'Rae said...

The higher-ups were there and no I didn't get a promotion. :( But, I did get asked to play again this year! lol

Amy said...

You wrote: Zuddy and I both picked this one because of it's cringe-worthiness and also because it's totally something that would happen to me.

This has to be Sarah's story! Sorry but I could totally see this happening to you. Better be careful when you stalk Officer McHot.

Sarah said...

LOL! I loved reading these all again! I love the underwear story. Thats my fave!!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Hey girlfriend! Are you still speaking to me? Cuz I been a bad friend? I actually started working a couple months ago. Hope you're doing well. Glad to see you're still blogging. Love the hilarious stories!


Marcie said...

OMG, I laughed until my sides hurt and everyone thought I was a crazy loon sitting at the computer lmao!!
Thanks for sharing these stories.