Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wednesday Is The Day, People!

By the end of the day on Wednesday, I will be choosing 2 winners for that FAB-U dvd from your new personal trainer, Kim!

So keep those stories coming, people! Keep 'em comin'!

Really, though. I may have to pick the winners out of a hat. All of your stories are soooo good!

Who knew our friend Cutzi was such a Minx?? Huh??? Va-va-voooom!


Sarah said...

I always knew about Cutzi. She has a reputation ya know! :0) Cant wait to see who will be the "winner winner chicken dinner" (as my kids say!)

Cutzi said...

Dangit. I knew I couldn't carry out this nice girl charade forever.

Lisa said...

you little vixen, you!
What did she say when she found them, anyway?

Lisa said...

I remember reading the news when you posted about it on the ol bloggo..We girls just cannot keep anything a secret, now can we...
BV is always threatening to pull my blog plug.."That better not get posted, LISA" in that authoritive voice of his.. he he he

Cutzi said...

heh heh - finding out was the funniest part. We (me, my mom, Justin, my stepdad, my grandma - you get the picture) were all standing around (or out to dinner or something - remember, this was on vacation) and my mom says something to Justin and I say, "What?" and he says, "Your Aunt Ginny called your mom and told her you left your underwear in her bed...."

How do you respond to that?????

Oh. My. Word. Too funny. Good thing I have a good sense of humor.

And, btw, it's the end of Wednesday - shouldn't we have heard from Martha by now???