Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The State Of Things Around Here......

Oh, internets.
It's not pretty. Not pretty at all.

Where do I begin, huh? about the kitchen?

I have a large obstacle in the finishing of the kitchen.

It's called, "bad walls".

Here, have a look:

When I took the wallpaper down? A bunch of old "patchwork" came with it. So what do I do, just skim-coat it and prime it? Or will I have this problem when I decide to change the wallpaper again?

This is not my area of expertise, people.

Here's another spot. Zuddy will need to patch this one up before I can do any tiling:

It's going to be a cold day in Hell before that happens, because Zuddy and I had a big argument last night.

The argument was basically about how he works 10 hours a day and I how I stay home and eat bon-bons. Which, quite honestly, happens sometimes (the bon-bon eating, that is). So I think I'm on my own with the patching of the walls and I'm at a total loss.

Then? I have a bunch of furniture to paint:

The multi-materialed hutch. It's made out of wood, laminate and plastic.

Good times, people. GOOD. TIMES:

I'm going to paint it an Oatmeal color. Maybe I'll age it, maybe I won't.

Then? We have the chair and desk for the Noodle's room:

I love that needlepoint seat on the chair. These will all be painted white.

Then, here's one of the drawers that go with the bookcase I got from my Mom. The bookcase and the drawers (heh.) are going to be white, too.

And my toes. See 'em? Totally neat and tidy.

At least part of me and my bon-bon-eating self is looking tidy.


All I want to do is vent about how hard being married and raising a little girl-person can be.

And about how much of yourself you "give up".

And about how I have dreams too, but I feel like I need to be here to raise my little girl-person.

And about how I can't follow my dreams from 9-3 during the school year and take the summers off from working on my dreams.

But I'm not going to do that right now. I'll wait until it's not so fresh. Heh.


Michelle said...

You vent all you want, girl. I'm sending positive energy your way.

As for the walls, I'm no expert either, but you know who is? Pauline. I'd give her a call and get her advice.

MJ said...

You are one of the most amazing people I know. Don't forget to enjoy that. The Noodle is so much fun to be around and it's all because of you.

Lisa said...

Hey MArty,
Feeling a little disrespected, eh? I think we all get that way. ITS VERY HARD to be married and a mother. VERY. but its also the best thing in the world, sometimes crabiness or not enough sleep and plain old bad moods are not a good mix for talking about home improvement repairs. He and you will get over it. Youll have more time for your dreams pretty soon, and guess what schools started, so there will be a little more time for all the other stuff. Take care..
skim coat that wall and then oil primer it.. or just sand the hell out of it and then oil primer it. OR better what Idid in my kitchen..use that great textured wallpaper you can paint any color,(looks like tin cieling) goes over all the bad and dosent show that impossible wall behind..I could send BV over after work..

take it easy girlfriend, itll be okay!

Sarah said...

Ummm. I am with you sister. I love and need to hear other mothers vent about this same issue. I hope things are smoothed over at the E. Hill for you both soon. Hugs coming your way.


Mim said...

Its hard, just hard. No one told us did they.My kids are grown now, but for 20 years my husband traveled for weeks at a time overseas, and so it was up to me.
And you know what, it isn't always fun. But somehow you do it.
Vent away. You are funny.. keep your humour. It will keep you going and help you keep your sense of you!

Mrs. Jones said...

I hear ya, girlfriend. It's the hardest job *ever*. Sometimes I feel like I got lost, and all anyone thinks I'm good for is doing dishes and picking up people's laundry off the floor, and all I do is sit around doing nothing. But when Noodle is all grown up, and you have time to follow your dreams, and you step back and look at what an amazing daughter you raised, you will realize that your job was most important and it was worth all the personal (temporary) sacrifice. Hang in there buddy!



czaspel said...

Mart! I too was accused of eating the bon bons. It is nice to know that there are others that get to share that seemingly enjoyable indulgence but I totally agree with mj. You are an amazing person and you have an amazing little girl! Enjoy her now because someday she will grow up and move away - I won't tell you about the countdown to that day that my hubbie has going... Hang in there!

PLO said...

Oh girl, I wish you would vent on the subject...didn't Oprah do a show on not losing yourself. Won't we be better parents, if we are whole? I struggle with this daily!!! The work in your house is exciting...but more so is the damask on your are stylin!!!!

Barb said...

Husbands! Bah! Being Mom/Wife/Homemaker/Bread-Earner is such a difficult job at times. It is easy to feel unappreciated for all you do. As another commenter said, vent away...and try to keep your sense of humor.

I do wish we were real-life neighbors, because I love to paint and I would lend a hand. I have a desk just like that which I painted white and I love it.

And now I want a bon-bon...

Kat said...

I visited Coastal nest and ended up here. Looks like youve had better days. Venting is a good thing. Pass those bon bons please.

Im in the middle of a kitchen remodel too. Tore the wallboard up good when I took off a tile backsplash. Skim coat, sand and prime. Easy fix.

Kim said...

I know, I hear ya. We've had these talks over email, so you know that I'm there with ya. In fact, email me anytime that you want to vent. :)