Saturday, September 6, 2008

The State Of Things Around Here: Part Deux

First of all (and most important), we have a third grader. Feast your eyes on her gap-toothed smile, people:

This third grader has never been happier to go back to school.

You know why?

New clothes, that's why.

You know why else?

Her "BFF" is not only in her class? And not only sitting at the same table in the same class? But she is now on the same bus and the same bus stop. Oh yes she is, people.

I'd post a photo of this wonderful girl, but I need to ask her equally wonderful Mommy first. And her Mommy? Is MY new BFF! Ha haaaaa! She is the coolest lady ever. I'll have to do a post about her, but I don't know how to convey to you Internets how flippin' FUNNY she is. She makes me wet my pants.

Okay. Now go look at the photo of the Noodle again. That's right. Just scroll up a little.

Do you notice the purple hair? As a reward for quitting her little thumb-sucking habit? She got some purple hair extensions. She's been wanting them forever.

In other news......Zuddy and I have kissed and made-up.

It always helps when I'm working. Outside the home for people who pay me in US dollars.

I was lucky enough to have another job come up just in the nick of time. It's an 8-day-a-month ongoing gig. So that's good news.

But let's be honest: if someone would just pay me for what I do around the house (in US dollars....or-better yet- some nice Euros, since the value of the US dollar is junk right now.), we wouldn't be having these little money issues.
And that's a large part of our problem.

And you know what happens when you have a problem? Stress happens and other (related) problems pop up. That's what happens.

I could go on and on. But -really........who wants to hear about that? Probably not you.

And I don't want you internets to think that I'm a miserable little girl, because I'm not.

I'm actually really happy.

But then, maybe the fact that I'm really happy and still have moments where I feel like I'm not always achieving my goals and realizing my dreams? Maybe that's a good thing to share! Is it? Or is it just whining and complaining?

Then, as I write this, I'm thinking about the title of my blog and the little statement underneath it: "Join me in my never-ending quest to feather my nest".

Uhhhhh. There really isn't a whole lot of nest-feathering going on here, is there? No. There's not.

Well, there is....but it's mostly undocumented and involves this: Because something inside of me wants to clean this time of the year. The nights are getting chilly, the days are just clear and beautiful and sunny.

Man. I just love Autumn.

So I'm starting with the Noodle's bedroom. I took off all of her bedding (She has a different duvet and bedskirt for summer) and put on her winter bedskirt. Then I took everything off the floor and piled it all on her bed and chair:

Then I swept. I moved all of the furniture and cleaned underneath everything.

I'm a good, old-fashioned type of cleaner-girl. Down on my hands and knees, scrub-scrub-scrubbing.

As you know, soon the Noodle will have some different furniture (see the last post) soon. We're getting rid of the dresser, desk and chair you're seeing in the above photos. I'm going to start sanding the new stuff today.
Anyway...I also wiped down all of the baseboards, doors, ceiling fan and furniture. Today I will wash the windows.

Noodle has a very small bedroom. I think it's 9x8 or something like that. It's Crazy-small.

Eventually we will move her into the larger bedroom which is now the office/playroom, but I can't see doing that yet. She still has too many toys. My goal right now is to paint all of that furniture in the basement and get it in her current room. Then we will get her a full-size mattress for a cute Jenny Lind style headboard and footboard I have for her.

But here's the plan for now: get rid of that desk in the photo below:

Get rid of the mirror and chair in the photo below:

And replace it with a white-painted bookcase with three drawers - just like that one at my Mom's place that I painted black - remember that?

Here it is! I need to update you on that project. These bookcases at my Mom's place are finished and filled and accessorized...they look great!

Here is her current will be replaced with the desk and chair in the previous post. I want to do a pretty bulletin board or shelving above it. I'll probably end up with the shelving. She needs more storage.

I'm going to swing the bed around so that the headboard is below those plates. And then replace the plates with a pretty bulletin board.

After all of these furniture updates, I will finish the KITCHEN. Then we are going to do a little closet makeover for the Noodle.

That's the plan. What do you think?


Kat said...

Kissing and making up is good! Any bon bons left? Cleaning up a kids room should get you hazzard pay. Those munchkins have way more stuff than we do. When mine were young Id do it about once a month now its twice a year. It gets alot scarier as they get older. Maybe youve inspired me to go into my sons room today. I might need more bon bons first. Shelving is a great solution for a childs room. I think all your plans sound grand.
Will Noodle like that you cleaned her room or will you be needing more chocolate to smooth things over?
By the way that Noodle is adorable in her back to school attire.

Michelle said...

Aww, Noodle looks adorable!

Your plans for Noodle's room sound great! You've motivated me to get going on my long-neglected list of home improvements.

Sarah said...

Love the hair! Good job on breaking the thumb habit, we have a long way to go with that over here! The plans sound great, I can't wait to see when everything is finished... happy fall!

Brooke said...

She is an adorable 3rd grader! I am jealous of the purple extensions. That is good stuff!
I too love to get my clean on this time of year. Bring on the chilly nights!

Janet said...

I think the Noodle is possibly the luckiest girl on earth to have such a cute and clean room. She must also be the coolest 3rd grader around to have the purple hair extensions! Maybe I need to get cleaning, possibly buying some cool cleaning stuff would be helpful.


Barb said...

Looks great! And you've inspired me. I really, really need to clean this house. It's gotten prett-y dusty over the summer.

Lisa said...

Hey Girly,
That little munchkin is adorable! I love it when those big people teeth start comin in!

Hey, When your done with your cleaning binge why dont you haul your fine ass over here and get to it? I really need some help! Villas home today, doing some cleaning of his own.heaven help me. Thank goodness I am going to work.
When you comin to Seattle??
coastal nest

Amy said...

I love the purple hair...that is so FUN! She must be the envy of the whole third grade.

I wish I loved to dad is a cleaning machine...I did NOT inherit those genes. On any given day at least half my house is in need of a good cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Yup, no wonder she is smiling - she got her purple hair! There'll be no end to it now. My daughter started with the temp hair colours and now just starting grade 10 we've moved to serious blues, pinks and all-over PERMANENT blonde. She started with a nice temporary purplish colour...

Sounds like the reno in Noodle's bedroom will be great. She has a lot going for herself, doesn't she? New bedroom, best friend EVERYWHERE in her how does it get better than that??

I have to show you the reno we did in my daughter's particular her CLOSET. Your daughter would LOVE what I did in there!

ps I used to blog as "Lady P's Cozy Corner" but moved over to wordpress if you wanna visit me

Lisa said...

winner alert..winner alert..

Kim said...

I've been away from your blog for too, too long lady!! I've missed a lot! Noodle is just adorable & I love her first day outfit. I also love her bedding...looks just like something that would work in my Hopie's room...where did you get it?

JNB said...

It's just whining and complaining! But stick to what you're good at.