Thursday, September 18, 2008


I haven't read blogs much lately, so I've had a LOT to catch up on. Would you like a recap? (This is where you say, "Why yes! Yes I would!")


So....let's start with the best news: Sarah is expecting baby #4!! Isn't that so exciting? I'm hoping for a red-headed girl.
For HER. Not me.
And I'm also hoping her baby loses that tail it's sportin' in that depiction of her current appearance on Sarah's right-hand sidebar.
'Cause that isn't the best look for humans.

On to Lisa from Take 90 West. Lisa has a new family member named Bertha. She's pretty cute.

Now our other Lisa from from the Coastal Nest? That girl just posted a before and after of her kitchen. So. Cute.
And pretty much in the time it took me to NOT finish my kitchen? She's given her entire house a face lift, bought and rehabbed a beach cottage, had a storm come through and destroy her business and move that business to another location.
I think somewhere in this time span she's also gotten her PhD in quantum physics.
Don't go over there. You'll just feel bad.

I'm going to go and take a nap now.


Kat said...

LOL! Your kitchen is going to be fabulous when its done.
Enjoy the nap.

Sarah said...

I almost peed myself about the tail part, and yes, That damned Coastal Nester (God love her) is superwoman.

Our kitchens will be done in the next 20 years or so. I'm with you on that.

(((Some have said she's like a robot)))

Martha said...


Oh yes I DID take that nap, sister. It felt good. Almost as good as getting something done :)

Sarah? I'm confident the baby (a red-headed girl) will lose that tail. The rest of your kids did. Noodle still has hers, but that's just HER, you know?
And whoever called the Coastal Nester a Robot was brilliant! BRILLIANT I TELL YOU!!!!


Lisa said...

Alright..alright..Im pregnant too!!!!

I think this is just about enought from you minnasooooota-ians.

I come here for the love and look what I get. sheesh.

Biatchs--I just love each and every one of you..

***the robot****

Lisa said...


the robot approves of the new look too.

over and out.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Your blog looks great! Now go forth and post MORE OFTEN. Please.

Anonymous said...