Thursday, September 25, 2008


For my palsie-walsie Amy.

Who I interviewed for my blog and never followed up with the scoop. I think we need to go out again and I need to re-interview her. Don'tchya think, Aim?

Anyway, here's the house:

It's a 3 bedroom/2 bath house in the Mac/Groveland area of St. Paul. It's in the perfect little neighborhood. Except it's not within walking distance to a grocery store.
And it's only got a one car garage.
And for $359,900 and a perfectly decorated house? The man of the house is going to need a little 'crisis center' to escape from that dining room chandelier.

The front.
Cute, right??

The kitchen. Not lovin' it. But I'll just betchya that dishwasher actually works, so I'd take it. And they put in a lot of cabinets....especially around the fridge. This room is 13x9.

The little eating area in the kitchen. And look at those curtains! The lady of the house loves her luscious fabrics, I tell ya!

You are already acquainted with the dining room. It's 13x11. Same size as ours. Man. Switching out then lens on your camera really does an awful lot to make a room look bigger, huh?

The living room. It's 13x11. ONE FOOT SMALLER than ours!!!!
And, yes. I'M YELLING.

The main floor bedroom. 13x10. Same size as our office/playroom

The upstairs Master BR. It's 12x11.
I really like that duvet. I kind of like the overall decorating style in this house. Funky-bohemian with lots of rich fabrics.

The little ones' room. It's upstairs and is 11x9.

The back of the house. Love it. Ooo! Look behind the table and to the left of the photo! That little garden shed from Smith and Hawken!
I still couldn't get the photos I wanted for this tour. They're in the photo section of the 360 tour. Go here and mess around. You'll find it.
So.....what do you think of this one?
I think I want to paint my woodwork.
And - hey! There's an open house at this one on Sunday! Anyone want to go with me? Amy? Jilly?


Timi said...

WOW! That's a beautiful home. You should interview her and take an overnight bag.

Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning. I'm lovin the new drapes, now I'm all fired up to buy buy buy other stuff for the room.

Michelle said...

Yeah, a wide-angle lens can make a room look cavernous--one of those handy little tricks of the real estate trade.

Still no dishwasher?! We just sprung for an 18" portable, and we're lovin' it! When do you think you'll get yours replaced?

Amy said...

Yea! Thanks for showing me the rest of the house. I really love the exterior color. We just signed a paint contract this morning, I haven't picked the color yet but our samples are similar to that color. Goodbye boring beige, Hello rich brown!

I agree those wide angle lenses can be quite misleading. Based on that picture, I would expect the dining room to be quite a bit larger than yours. I would be disappointed if I were a buyer.

I'll be out of town this weekend so I can't go to the open house. Go have coffee with the girls and I bet you can get D.O. to see the house with you afterwards.

We could do the interview again and even go back to that same little wine bar :-)

Kat said...

Nice house!
My deepest sympathy on not having a DW. I lived without one for 6 months and it was horrible! Ive caught myself washing dishes by hand...trying to get use to having it again. A DW is a necessity!

Pats Back Porch Musings..the link is on my blog list. I will try to post the web addy here for you. Im techi challanged so it might not work.

Jodi said...

I do love that dining room. Who knew what orange walls could do to zebra stripes???

And re: your comment on my blog today...yes, the boy LOVES to go commando. Only he calls it free ballin'.