Friday, September 26, 2008

Ladies' Night

Insert your version of the Kool and The Gang song **here**.

Or don't.

It was Zuddy's night out last night so Noodle and I baked up some CRAP chocolate chip cookies that I had bought from some kid in the neighborhood. You know - they were for a school fundraiser. Of course, just because they're sub-standard doesn't mean they're not going to be eaten, right?

I mean, there is chocolate in them. Or a chocolate-like substance.

And sometimes that's just good enough.

I felt crabby yesterday. Staying in the house for this long is more than I can bear. I had already called my Mom and asked her to please come over so I could go do some errands and then go for a quick walk. While she was on her way over, I was talking to my dear friend Michelle on the phone and everything that came (or flew) out of my mouth was so negative. I realized it 3/4 of the way through our conversation. So I told her I was going to hang up with her and end her misery and I was going for a walk. She mentioned a big hill in my neighborhood and suggested, a big jokingly/a bit seriously that I should conquer it.

That maybe it would make me feel better. I kind of laughed it off.

But after I did my errands, it sounded like a good idea.

So, on my way home, I passed Zuddy's work (he saw me and waved at me) and parked my car and walked down the hill.

For those of you who know me in real life? You know that where I live is very hilly. In fact, Michelle and I used to have a nice little route where we'd go down this hill and then walk to a huge bank of stairs going up a cliff kind of like this one:

I don't know how many steps where there. Maybe a BAZILLION? But they were recently torn down and need to be rebuilt, so I can't show you a photo of them.

Anyway, we live up in the cliffs. And people come from all over to "get their workout on" in our neighborhood. Especially on their bicycles.

Which is why I kind of avoid the bicycle over here. Because it's hard. I realized this when I was visiting with my neighbor John once and wondered out loud why I avoid biking. Then he pointed out how many serious bicyclists we have riding around our neighborhood and DUH! Martha! That's why you avoid it, sister! Because it SUCKS!

Thanks John.


I'm walking down the hill. Feels good. Nice view:

Though it's a little industrial in the spot right below the hill:

Now, the ascend. It's a very curvy road. I love that house you see in the background:

Here are those steps I was talking about...the ones Michelle and I walk down to get to the big stairs. They're a little creepy. It always feels unsafe to me. Like some one's going to jump out at me.

Nice little curvy-wurvy road.

Here's that house. At one time it was really run-down.

Then it was a law office. Now I think it's just a house again.

They have a couple of garages on the property. I love this stone one. It's kind of incognito, built into the cliff:

Here's the other one, along with a shot of the back of the house:

That walk made me feel much better. It was just what I needed. Only I needed more of it. But it was time to go home. On the way home? I drove by a few great houses in my neighborhood.

This one has always been a sweet little house. Recently, the owners built this awesome addition:

That whole right side is the addition. I think it's a do-it-yourself job because it's not finished and it's been a couple of years. I know how that goes :)

Here's another house just down the block from the white one:

This one was in REALLY bad shape until someone moved in and loved it up. They're still working on it, but I know the person who owns it and the amount of work they've done is insane.

It was kind of a dark, dreary day yesterday, so it's hard to get the gist of the paint job on this one, but it's very striking. Trust me:


Cutzi said...

I really liked this post for some reason, Martha! I liked seeing where you live - and I don't know why but I never imagined Minnesota being so lush.. or hilly. Shows what I know.

Sorry you've been stuck in the house so much - but glad you got out for a triumphant walk! Always helps me.

Lovin' Life said...

Ooooohhhhhh.... I love all that eye candy where you live! Wish I had me some of that character!


Lisa said...

Im lovin the 'hood Mart.

All the older homes are so awesome and I bet packed full of history.
Bet theres some good estate sales in your area, huh?

Nice hearin from you this morning.
You made my day and its not even 8am here.
I love that your gonna DH the DH!!!
coastal nest

Suzy said...

Martha, I should totally take pictures of the scenery on my runs! Although I'm afraid all I'd show is some cow pasture and a loose dog or two. And then in the subdivision areas where I run there'd be some sweet rusty minivans and punks throwing water balloons at me. I'm proud of you-that you'd know a walk would help you get out of your funk. I have constant I constantly get outside.

Martha said...

Hi Ladies!

Thanks for posting. You know what? I always *mean* to respond to everyone's posts, but I somehow never get around to it.

Well, guess what? I'm stuck in the house. So respond I will:

Cutz: We're finally getting a little green again after a dry summer.

Jen?: You changed your blog? I need to come over for a visit! Uhh...believe me. Some of my 'hood? Not so attractive.

Lisa?: Let's keep that DH on the down-low. Heh.

Suzy: I'm suprised I didn't get any rusty minivans or water balloon-throwing hoodlums in the background of these photos. Seriously. I should take some photos of the not-so-pretty places around here.

The Noodle's Pox are doing much better today. She and I are going to get out of the house in a little bit.

xoxox to you all!

Kat said...

Hi Martha...glad to hear the Noodles pox are improved. Poor sweetie pie.
Great pictures! I could fall in love with those houses. Id like to linger but Ive got cabs to paint....Im procrastinatin.

Sarah said...

Wow! That was the longest post from you is a while! Loved it! Glad Noodles pox are improving... I should go on a walking tour. Oh wait. It would be; rambler,rambler, rambler with an addition, get the picture? :)