Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What I Did At Work Today....

I have the coolest job ever.

Sometimes I forget this.

But then I go to work and have a great day and get to work with my friends.

And then? I find out my friends are making these super cool videos !

Check it out, people! If you watch the first test in the Pumpkin Bread video, you can see the exact kitchen I work in....they shot the video in a few different kitchens, but the one with the big windows in the background is where I normally work. The women you see in the videos - Shirley, Jennifer, Marcia and Grace - seem kind serious in the footage....but in real life, they're soooo much fun. I keep expecting Jennifer to crack a funny, but she's keeping it all business-like :)

And guess what I made at work today? The healthified chocolate chip cookies. I think it may replace my old recipe! I really like them!


Cutzi said...

Cool! And thanks for the great web site too.

Michelle said...

Ooh, thanks for the healthified recipes link! I've been replacing all-purpose flour with white whole wheat in everything, and it's the most painless healthy substitute.

Yeah, you do have the absolute coolest job.

Amy said...

Thanks for the website. The cookies look like they are worth a try (especially after making cookies from the frozen fundraiser cookie dough last night...thumbs down!)

Mrs. Jones said...

That's a good place to find recipes. Great videos, too. They would be much better if you were in them though. What were they thinking?!!