Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Need A Change......

I like change. I really really do.

And you know what I've been doing all day this week? Looking at blogs.

Blogs with before-and-after shots.
Carefully staged with messes out of camera shot.

And I love that. LOVE IT!!!!
But I can't live in my house that way. Mainly because I'm too messy to live without a mess. That poses a problem.

Also? My current budget isn't allowing for any before-and-afters at this time. Only "before-and-oh-wait-nothings-changed-here" shots.

And that is very sad, because right now I have no decorating budget and a sweet little house full of rooms that I really want to change.

So I'm trying to find ways to spruce things up with no money. And I just saw something in someone's blog. Please don't ask me to remember which blog it is. I cannot answer that question - I've been looking at so many this week. Anyway, she had some faux chinese lanterns (still on their stems) in a vase.


I have real ones in my garden! (Yeah, I's looking a little errrrr....WILD back here.)

My pal Gretchen dug them up from her own garden for me a couple of years ago and assured me that I'd hate them because of their noxious nature.

I don't.


So I picked a bunch and put them in this basket. I'm waiting for them to dry. I'm also going to dry some on their stems.

In the meantime? It's time to show my house some love. I cleared off the top of the contact-paper-covered piano and dusted.

And washed my clear vases.

And changed out my blue and white river rock vase-filler to my old fall stuff. Sorry. I didn't take a photo of the river rocks.

The cat helped me enormously.

That's actually not true. She just lay there in her bed. Enormous.

Here's something that makes me laugh. Zuddy's "man purse". Do you see it there? In the shoe basket to the left of the piano? Ha! It's the Target bag.

I really want to find some stuff to hang on the wall to the right of the mirror. I want a big "Z" for sure. But it's going to need more than that.

I do like these vase-fillers, but I'm getting sick to death of them. I just don't know what else to put in there.

So I'm feeling a little better because of the sparkly glass. Sparkly glass is always a great pick-me-up, isn't it? Crisis averted.

For now.

Because what I really want? Is a built-in wall of shelves and storage here:

And creamy painted woodwork.

And a white slipcover for my sofa:


I've got it BAD. Help me.


Cutzi said...

First of all, I love the sofa. And the paint color... can you please tell me the name of it?

Are you going to put some of those Chinese lanterns in your vases? 'Cause that would look super cute. Or some unpopped popcorn with a candle stuck in it. That's what I did - and people always say how cute it looks.

But I know... our budget isn't allowing for much either these days. It's hard sometimes - but I try to look on the bright side. I may not be able to decorate exactly how I want (would I ever be totally satisfied anyway?) but at least I have a warm home to live in, food to eat and some debt that's getting paid off. And that feels really good. Someday I'll be able to decorate a little more. Or pay for more adoptions....

Have a great Saturday. How's the noodle? Feeling better?

Martha said...


I needed to hear that right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My heart needs to be more grateful and less 'decorator blog', doesn't it?

That's why I'm shining up some glass and bleaching some whites today. Because it should be about appreciating what I have and not coveting things.

I *love* the popcorn idea!!!! You are so smart! And, yes. I'm drying those lanterns for my vases. They're so beautiful. They never cease to take my breath away with thier lovliness.

I *think* my paint color is Waterford Cream. I know for sure its made by Benjamin Moore.

You and the babes have a great Saturday, too! And the Noodle is doing MUCH better. Back to school and work next week for the two of us!

Thanks, Cutz!

Love ya!


Lisa said...

Uhhhh, youve got a RACOON in your living room!!!!!!!!!!

RUN away!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Your girlfriend is ready to help, but Ive got to get ready for work. I will be back and I promise we can get that cute little house together in a snap.. Youve got great bones in that room, easy things to re-do. You just cant see it, just because..thats the way most women are, they get stuck.
Girl, dont be so hard on yourself!

I think we are all in a little bit of freak out mode for one thing or another and we internalize and take it out on ourselves, and our little houses, and sometimes our SPOUSES!!!
I love the Zudsters man bag!!
Did you get any where with the DH???

still laughing..
love ya marty!!
Coastal nest and fellow DH'r

Michelle said...

Ooh, I love Chinese lanterns! Those will look gorgeous in your vases! And I love Cutzi's idea of using popcorn. You could try layering yellow and red popcorn--I think that would look especially autumny. I think Mississippi Market sells blood red popcorn in their bulk section.

P.S. Lisa's raccoon comment cracked me up--that was my first thought, too!

Anonymous said...

We discovered chinese lanterns in our front garden, last summer, when I cut & dug out the wretched juniper bushes. This summer those 2 cute plants EXPLODED and took over the place. So I dug 'em up. Talk about noxious!

do you ever pop in to read Restyled Home's blog? If not, have a gander. She has good ideas and decorates on a budget. I say this for a reason; I'm her S.I.L. and don't DARE show my house near hers. She is a decorating queen and I'm like the lowly scullery maid!

Your house looks great you know. A bit of paint can dress or jazz a space up like nothing else. Otherwise enjoy the comfy feel of home for now until you can make some kind of a change. Your decor looks pretty good.

I LOVE that house you posted about. Anyone who can make a house look that fabulous with those wild colours has my vote! That place looks energizing and so alive.

Well...back to my little reality. Nice to see you regularily posting again.

Amongst The Oaks said...

Hey, I'll make you a big "Z". I'm in the sign business so that would be right up my alley. Just tell me how big, basic style, and color, and BAM it's done.

Bristol said...

I love your sofa too~ The cat is is quite big, better to love on.
I am with you and trying to recycle~

Martha said...


You are all the best.

Lisa....I'm working this week through Wednesday, but I will be all ears when I hear your advice

Patricia - Girl? I didn't know you were Linda's SIL! I love that shot of your 2 wing chairs on your blog - perfection!

Laura????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh. MYGAH. I will totally PAY your artistic self for a Z painted with your talented hands!!!! That faux painting of your Lichen is Too. Cool. TOO COOL. I had sweet, sweet dreams about my Z last night :) ps. My shelving lust came from your library. All your fault.

Bristol and Lisa? I know. She is HUGE, that cat. HUGE. I write a post about her life story some time.


Amy said...

Martha, I just read your last two posts...we just bought some of that fund raiser cookie dough too, but haven't tried it yet!

Lisa said...


I need more photos of that room. Stand in the middle and just go in a circle all the way around.
then email them to moi!!
Im at the ready--
Your stylist and life friend on the pacific coast..
Its me
Lisa the robot.

Kat said...

Martha..You have a lovely home.
I can certainly relate to a tight budget. Often times just rearranging what you already have can give you a fresh new look.
Love those Chinese Lanterns!

Barb said...

Hey, I'm doing the same thing right now: trying to change things up without spending a dime. I've been on a bit of a bender lately with the buying and it has got to stop. Especially with Christmas coming. I always seem to want to buy more at Christmas, probably because of being in the stores and doing online shopping.

Anyway, just letting you know you are not alone.

Love the sofa. What great lines. Are you thinking you will put the Chinese lanterns in the vases once they dry? I'm going to research those. Are they quite invasive? What a great look for fall.

And sorry for the long, disjointed comment.

restyled home said...

Are you kidding me? Your house look pretty just the way it is. Course, I'm ridiculous about changing things, so I can't blame you...

Love the chinese lanterns! What about putting candy corn in one of the vases...or acorns? Just keep Zuddy out of the candy!

(I've missed you, is that weird?)

laura said...

I put seashells with and without candles in me glass vases this summer. My sister used white sand and candles. At Christmas I fill mine with ornaments. My sister uses fresh cranberries and candles. I also thought old buttons or marbles would be fun. Good luck.