Sunday, October 26, 2008

7 things......

Well, well.......I'm back.

And my pals Sarah and Kat each tagged me to reveal more things about me.
Meeeee - me-me-mi-miiii-meeeeeeee.
I love ME.


Really? I think you know all about me.

Too bad.

Here it goes:

1. I'm a terrible multi-tasker. Oh....I can make a bunch of recipes at the same time, but I can't work outside the home and post in my blog. That's why you don't see me posting much. I've been rushing off to work at 6:30 am, rushing back home at 3:30 pm and then it's homework with the Noodle, dinner, and bed time. Then I do it all over again the next day.

2. I love doing the laundry. And I sniff all clean items before I fold them. Notice I said the clean items. Okay. Not the undies. Or the socks. I don't care if they are clean. Sniffing either of those items would be weird. As if sniffing everything else isn't.

3. Noodle is getting quite sassy. I remember being the same age and being rather sassy myself. She's currently mastering the art of bringing up embarassing/touchy subjects during family get-togethers or in front of other grown ups.

4. It's snowing here right now.

5. I'm currently obsessed with Maroon 5 Songs About Jane.

6. I'm also currently obsessed with The Real Housewives of Orange County. I just started getting it from Netflix. I just finished season 1 and I'm hooked. And guess what? The rest of the seasons AREN'T available!!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO????? HUH???? NOW WHAT????

7. That's right: I have my finger on the PULSE, people. Maroon 5 Songs about Jane? From 2002. The Real Housewives of Orange County, season 1? From 2006.

That's IT! I did it! Seven things!

Now I need to tag 7 people. Here's who I'm going to tag: My sister Dawn, who doesn't have a blog. My sister Myrna, who also doesn't have a blog. I'll email them and ask them to mail me their 7 things. The Quilty Chick, Brooke. Because she's funny. She's not on my blog roll, she's in my FAVORITES. And Suzy from The Runs. Also in my FAVORITES. And I think she just did this, but I'm going to tag her for 7 more things anyway. Just because I can. Mrs. Jones, of course. And MJ. And Barb from Reflections On An Empty Nest.

So there! Go forth and tell us all 7 quirky things about yourselves!


Suzy said...

Oh Martha! It's going to be so hard to talk about myself even more! Ha ha. Ya right! I love talking about myself! Thanks!

Michelle said...

Snowing?! I'm so sorry. In Seattle, it's 62 and brilliantly sunny. You really need to get out of MN. . .

Ooh, the bringing up embarrassing/touchy subjects sounds WAY worse than garden variety sassiness. Don't worry--I was a horrible child and adolescent, and I grew out of it, and Noodle will, too. Hopefully before all of your dirty, un-sniffed laundry is aired.

Kat said...

I loved reading your seven things.
#3...One day you will laugh at all those embarrassing moments. However prepare to be moritfied many more times before you get to laugh. LOL!
Snowing???? Yikes!!!

Barb said...

I have a True Confession. I got hooked on those Housewives last winter. I didn't want to, but I couldn't turn away from the TV. And before I knew it, we were TiVo'ing every episode.

Thanks for the tag. Right now I'm drawing a blank, but I know there are at least seven quirky things about me. I just need to think of them...

PLO said...

You are a riot. I haven't even ever seen the DHOOC, nor listened to the Maroon 5 soundtrack, and my kids are all sassy little you are doing well!

Lisa said...

thats too scary!

its just go-r-g-eous out here at the beach. Id say about 60-65 yesterday, but you didnt want to hear that, now did ya..

Sarah said...

You crack me up. I am never living in the current, always 2 years late at least :)

Kari said...


And, I listen to Maroon 5 all the time. I love his sexy voice!

Bristol said...

Fun list~~~ Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog~