Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Project: Hutch

Hey there, Internet buddies!

Whatchya been doin'? Huh?

I'm not working (outside the home) this week.
Do you know what that means?
It means I finally have time to myself to do some of the things around the house without constant interruption.

I hate constant interruption.

It makes me crabby.

Anyway....I'm working on a few things.....first of all I'm working on this:

This is the ugly hutch in our office/playroom.
This bad-boy has been on the to-do list for a really long time. But I've been waffling about about what color to paint it. For a while I was thinking a chamois color. But I've scrapped that for now because I have no imagination and I'm thinking about a new paint job in this room soon.

This is where You come in, oh lovely Internets:
Should I go black or oatmeal?
I know - exciting choices, right? But I want neutral. I may go all crazy and paint the inside something kooky like cream. Heh. Or whatever you tell me to paint it.

I'll wait until tomorrow to hear from you.....in the meantime, I'm going to wipe it down with some TSP and put a coat of primer on it.

Oh wait! Did you notice the doors? Holy crap are they ugly! Look:

I think I can pry that middle 'decorative' panel off. Oh - and the pull is going away too.
And the Zudster doesn't know this yet, but I'm going to ask him to beef up that top molding.

And don't worry....I'm going to do a little somethin'-somethin' in the kitchen today, too. I'm going to finally paint the beaded board end panels on the bottom cabinets and do a little touch up work, too.

'Bye Internets! Let me know what color to paint this beast! I need your help:)


Suzy said...

Oh, man I'm useless at this stuff. I'd help you, but it would be what NOT to paint it. Yeesh.

Laurie said...

Black all the way!!! Everything you put inside it will really pop. It will stand out against your wall too. I would even go with white before oatmeal,tan or whatever color oatmeal is. Have fun!! Can't wait to see the finished piece.

MJ said...

I vote black.

Sarah said...

Black baby, black!!!

Lisa said...

Black, then distress. Keep that little bit on the door fronts, take those really bitchin handles off and hurridly chuck them out, patch the holes and move on. That would be so awesome in black with a sandpaper finish. ooh la la..
cant wait to see the finished deal, marty girl.

Michelle said...

I love Lisa's idea about distressed black paint. I think those are the same handles on my mom's dining room hutch. They were hinged and stuck out, and I used to hit my head on them playing hide-and-go-seek. Yes, new hardware will be a vast improvement.