Friday, November 28, 2008

Amazing Discovery...

So, I was yammering on and on in my last entry about how much I love Thanksgiving and spending time with my family, yada yada yada....and I do, I do!

But I'm afraid from Suzy's comment that I made it sound like I do this stuff all of the time. And I don't.

Because I'm busy stalking people on Facebook and in their blogs, that's why.

And that takes time, people. It just takes time.

Which is a little sad, but it's also why this is such a special couple of days for me. And it makes me realize (again) that I need to do this stuff more often.

Like maybe twice a year. And maybe spend some time like this with my own child and possibly my husband.

Because you will notice from our hiking photos that the Noodle is absent.
Because she had school on Wednesday.
Which is a bummer.

So here actual photographic evidence that I wasn't manning my email:

Here we are at the beginning of our hike. Auntie being left in the dust. Louie was scouting out a good spot to pee. Because going for a hike is exciting and despite the fact that we 'bathroomed up' right before we left?

Sometimes excitement = more pee. I can kind of relate.

I was kind of surprised to see all of these frozen little streams everywhere. We've only been on this trail once before in the summer. I didn't remember it being terribly wet, but it does have quite the grassy-swampy landscape, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I just was!

So imagine our surprise when we saw THIS!!!

And THIS!!!! I had NO. IDEA. This was here!!!! I mean, it's not like there's a waterfall here in the summer!

Here's Louie and me.

I love this photo of Schmackie.

I handed the camera over to Schmack and he got these cool shots of the ice:

Look at my little climbers! They were WAY up there.

So that was our hike.

Later on that day, Schmack and I went to the Timberwolves game.


I've decided that I need more professional sporting events in my life.

Zuddy isn't the type to sit around and watch sports and I'm not a fan of watching sports on TV (with the exception of Golf -which Zuddy thinks is insane- and Tennis) at all, so we don't follow sports enough to be interested enough to attend a game in person.

Well that's all changed now.

Because I loved. It.

I loved it ALL.

I loved the guy from Canada sitting next to me (my new best friend. He surprised his two boys by bringing them to the game. A 6 hour drive!).

I loved the people watching......the cheerleaders...... the t-shirts shooting into the crowd...... the people dancing for a prize on center court. Especially the people dancing for a prize in center court. Hilarious.

And I LOVED watching this guy:

The sheer size of this guy makes me laugh hysterically. He makes the basketball court look small. And to watch him casually swipe another player out of the way? It looks like a giant flicking an ant away from his picnic lunch. It's just funny.

I spent the whole game laughing, shouting, cheering.


Schmack has decided I'm supremely embarrassing. This could be our last outing together.


Lisa said...

Supremely embarassing, AND the best Aunt that ever LIVED!!!

that looks like a rockin day in the wilderness, MArt!

glad you all had soo much fun!

Suzy said...

You know what I learned in my Human Sexuality class? That "yada yada" in Hebrew means "to know" in the context of "knowing" as in "having sex" with someone. Isn't that so interesting? Just a side note.

Another thing: you live near that ice fall thing? That is so unbelievably breath-taking! WOW.

Canadians are fun eh? And so polite. Did the guy next to you keep saying sorry for bumping your arm?

PLO said...

Those images are amazing! Where were you? I don't recall anything that cool when I went hiking. I can proudly say that I have been to a Timberwolves game as well! You may have a budding photographer there, and don't feel alone...I am the queen of embarrasing!

Martha said...

He really doesn't think I'm the best auntie. He doesn't think it at all. This could seriously be it.

Suze? Oh no. Didn't realize that! And what with all the human sexuality classes I've taken and all? I'm not kidding. I got out of some psychology, sociology and theology by taking as many human sexuality classes as possible :)

PLO??? Where the heck have you been, girl? Am I checking the wrong blog for you? I was thinking you cancelled one of your blogs? Anyway...we were right below Mendota Heights and St. Paul! In between the bluffs and the riverfront. I had no idea this existed!

Penny said...

Wow that was an amazing find on your hike. Your massive icicles made for some fantastic pictures!!

I saw Shaq play when he was still with the Lakers, and my husband thought I was crazy because his size made me laugh too. I probably come up to about his knee cap!

Martha said...


I'm sooo glad to hear that. Seriously. I was starting to feel a little self-conscious and maniacle about the way looking at him made me laugh!

Nice seeing you on FB :)