Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Almost That Time People!!!!

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Do you?

New Years Resolution time, my friends.

Do you make a new years resolution every year?

I never really did until the last year or two. And I don't normally like to talk about them too much. Because in my mind, talking about the resolution?
Will jinx the resolution.
And further more? I don't pick anything too "serious": like losing all of the weight I've gained since I met Zuddy?
Too serious. Bound to fail.

Did I even blog about resolutions last year? Did you blog about them?

Well...last year my resolution was to use re-usable bags for my shopping, and I've done really well with this resolution - not perfect, but really well. The year before that, it was to always park far away from the front door of Target and the grocery store - unless I'm going grocery shopping at the Lund's in Highland Park. You'll get killed over there if you don't park in a certain spot. I'm not kidding. I'm lucky to be alive today. Anyway...that one worked really well, too. I still park in a spot far from the door, near the back of the parking lot.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my resolution this year. You know why?

Because I'm a big ol' work in progress, people. Lots to change about myself. But I'm kind of rejuvenated by the fact that I've stuck with these last two resolutions. Even if they are kind of piddly. So I'm thinking about going all-out this year and doing TWO resolutions.
Yeah. I know. Crazy, right?
So I'm thinking hard about them because I want them to stick.

What's your resolution going to be? I'd love to hear it because then I can steal it if it's better than the ones I'm thinking about now. Heh.

Seriously, though. What are YOU resolving to do this year?


Lisa said...

Are you kidding? Im not REALLY that big on resolutions, just simply because...Im a deal breaker, non follow through-er and mostly a slouch. Ill wait to see what you come up with Mart, then maybe you can get me goin..Im not promising anything, tho.

Although, I cannot believe I have been blogging this long and also have over 215 posts..Oh, and remember I owe you a gift, see thats what kinda girl your dealin with.

word verification--vatorsa, this is the new term for my lack of resolutions..VATORSA=coastal nest

Martha said...

Oh, Lis.

Forget about the gift. Actually, your home decor advice is more than adequate, don'tchya think?

Michelle said...

I haven't made resolutions in a few years because I usually pick something too big and then forget about it after a couple of weeks. Or days. But good for you on the reusable bag resolution! I've been doing pretty well on that one, and in January everyone in Seattle had better start packin' because there will be a 20 cent tax on bags.

If I decide to break with tradition and make a resolution, I'll let you know.

Suzy said...

I like the banishment of plastic bags idea.
I really like the idea of thinking before I speak. But that's shooting a little high.
Hmmm...gotta think about this...

Barb said...

I don't usually make resolutions, because I'm bound to fail, but I like yours. Definitely do-able. So maybe I will steal those.

Daniela said...

Oh man, I thought I had another month before I had to start thinking about this. Last year I resolved to marry Dr. House. Didn't happen. I think I'm setting the bar to high. I really want to get more involved with my community. Maybe some volunteer work. I have no idea. I'll think of something, then probably fail, then beat myself up. So, no, no resolutions this year.

Lori E. said...

I am famous for my slackitude, but I am going to resolution, like you to exercise at least 3 days a week. How hard can it be???? I am new to your blog, can't wait to read on....I am reading lastest and backwards...............

Striving Green said...

I have been resolving to "lose the baby weight" for the past few years. Now that my youngest is 3, I don't think I can call it "baby weight" any more. Is there such a thing as "preschooler weight"?

It's great to get reacquainted with you!