Monday, November 17, 2008

Furniture and 3rd Grade Math

Thanks to all of you who commented on the Noodle's math issues...It always helps me to know what others think or have done in a similar situation.

Noodle has a spiral curriculum and Mrs. Fortner nailed it when she said it doesn't teach the facts well. She is still counting on her fingers, didn't know what "place value" meant and didn't know how to regroup in subtraction. We've since worked on the regrouping and found a great video online to teach her place value. A while back we also joined Brain Pop Jr, but we're not getting what we need math-wise from that site.

Here's the other thing: when she's doing her homework at home and gets a problem wrong because she just doesn't understand the concept? I just let her hand it in with the problems solved incorrectly. That way, I figure, the teacher will know what she's having problems with and teach her how to solve them. But you know what her teacher does? She circles the problem and then sends it home for ME to help her with.
Ummm.......hello?? **knock-knock**?? I'm not a freakin' teacher!!!

Anyway.....that's what we're dealing with over here. I think it's slowly getting better, but it's going to be a long year, I think.

Oh my gosh. You know what we did on Saturday? We went to the new American Girl store at the Mall of America. We went in the evening and it was crazy-busy. You could barely move in there. Noodle and her fave cousin Louie could've cared less. They were happy as clams and chatted back and forth the whole time about what they wanted and what they already have, etc...
At dinner they were telling each other (and us) about their doll's personalities and Louie told us that her doll, Julie, "is a very active girl...."
To which my sister Myrna and I laughed like crazy at.
Lou started to laugh like crazy, too and then realized she didn't know what was so darn funny and said, "What did I say?" .... which made us laugh even harder.

Here's a photo of Louie and Noodle:

Also, Louie just turned 9 and I made her a birthday cake shaped like a croc:
I wasn't all that thrilled by the way it turned out, but I was wingin' it, people! I planned to make it all perfect-like out of rolled fondant, but I found the homemade fondant I made wasn't a real good texture to work easily with. I need to take class on working with fondant.

Here's a photo of my Dad with all of the Grand kids..Schmackie, Angel, Noodle and Louie:

Here's a cute one of the Louie and the Noodle:

Okay, on to the furniture......I'm priming my life away, people.

Here's what I'm working on:
  • The Hutch
  • Noodle's desk
  • Chair for the desk
  • Noodle's bookshelf
  • 2 dining room chairs
  • Another bookshelf for Noodle's room.
I'm about half way through the priming.

I'd be finished with everything if my evil friend Sandy hadn't made me join facebook. I joined it a month and a half ago and didn't do anything with it until last I'm hooked and I'm stalking everyone I can think of. Even complete strangers. It's sick and wrong. And I'm staying off today.

I am.

What? I AM! I mean it!


Well...maybe I'll let myself log on one more time........but only after I finish all of my work today.

Or maybe during a break. Yeah. At lunch. A lunch break.
Or maybe?
Maybe I'll have a nice healthy mid-morning snack and check then?


Suzy said...

You guys have a MALL of AMERICA? Good heavens. That mall has lofty expectations. Up here in Canada our sled dogs pull us up to Granny's Market for our bread and cheese, and if the snow storms are too thick then we eat our clothing.

I LOOOOOOVE your croc cake! Martha, you are talented! It's beautiful!

Michelle said...

That cake is gorgeous! Especially for "wingin' it"--and I'm sure it was delicious. And now I want cake.

I knew Mrs. Fortner would come through for you. If you have a long year ahead of you, my advice is to stock up on Trader Joe's candy cane Joe-Joe's while you can. And try to keep it to less than a box a week. Just try.

Jodi said...

All I know is that those are some seriously cute kids you guys have other there. :)

Isn't Facebook the worst? I waste way too much time over there. And as if I don't already waste way too much time reading blogs. Sheesh.

Lisa said...

Im with in this lil ol town we are lucky to get to JC Penney or Sears for a great day of shopping, and rumor has it Pennys might close!! AAAhhhhh..(suzy, your soooo fooking funny, girl!)

This cake, lordy..When I first read it, I thought I would see an alligator, yes..slightly off the croc kick, here. Thats some cute cake..Oh, and for you--holy hotness sister..what a vamp!

Yay for Mrs Fortner, here too. My "friend" is tortured still! and she wants to really hang that teacher up-if you know what I mean. My friend says her son tells her that the teacher hates my coloring because I go out of the lines..(kindergarten, mind you) She could just go on and on. I feel sorry for my friends kid.

Whats happening with the black furniture? still a primin?- I hope you are spraying, takes soooo much less time, sister.

okay, enough from the beach..Where we have our first cottage rental for thanksgiving!!!yee haw$$$(finally)

I sure wish we lived closer, we could get so much of nothing done all day long.xoxoxoxoxoxoxox from the beach!
coastal nest

Amy said...

Martha, I love the croc cake! What a great idea...I may have to steal that one!

I know a place where we can take a fondant class, one night, three in?

Sarah said...

Facebook is EVIL I tell you, pure EVIL! I check it right away when I walk in the house after work. Its a disease, I tell you. Should we get Lisa on FB? Now that would be a hoot.

Oh and I noticed you bit me? Watch out.