Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Oh dear Internets..... This one is my absolute DREAM!!!! Within walking distance to the co-op, it's a carriage house - which I've always wanted, and it's old (well...kind of..). What more could a girl want?

This little carriage house was built in 1934 (so I guess it's not technically a carriage house, huh?). It's a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home with 1092 square feet of living space for $679k. A bargain, right?
Right. Let's buy it.

Here's the entry way:

Awww friends.....look at this great kitchen! Why did I paint my lower cabinets charcoal? Better yet, why isn't my kitchen finished?? Isn't this just perfect? It's 10x9...small but perfect.

So perfect it deserves a second look:

The dining room: it's 17x13. It's very formal, isn't it? A bit TOO formal.

Ahhhh....look at the living room. That bookcase is to die for, isn't it? This room is 28x14.

The family room. It's 14x9.

The master. It's 16x14.

The master bath:

The backyard with gazebo:

Do you likey?


Catholic Runner said...

OMG, I LOVE it!!

MJ said...

Wow. I wonder what it's like to live like that. I truly believe it's unnatural for me to live in a house that is completely finished. There will always be a missing bit of molding or a broken switch plate or a hole punched in the wall by a careless teen boy carrying his guitar amp down the hall that was freshly painted with just the right shade of French blue. If the devil is in the details, I'm living in hell.

Cutzi said...

Wowee Zowee. So.... that $679? Does that include the furniture too or what??? Holy Shmoly. I'm with MJ - I don't know if I could live in a house that perfect. Love it though - especially the kitchen. Did you see that little drink fridge????

Lisa said...

MAn oh man, Marty..

1000 square feet could get you a beach cottage, really cute beach cottage for $155!!!!

Me and Villa certainly would hit our heads on the cieling when jumping on that bed!!! ouch.

a little too formal for me, but we can always bring it down a bit, cant we..

love ya at the beach Martster..
coastal nest

Martha said...

I know, I know...I can't imagine living in a house that finished...or that *formal*. Or that price, I guess!

Uh-oh, MJ....something tells me your scenario isn't hypothetical?

When I buy this house, I will have all my fabu PNWers over to jump on the beds and shabby it up a little for us, okay? Okay!


Amy said...

Love it! Love it! When the kids are out of the house I'll buy it. I'm sure by that time we would have shrunk a little to let us fit better in that master bedroom!

Brooke said...

Love it, love it!! I for sure think you need to buy it, now before X~mas! The front is charming and the floor in the entry...stop! A wine chiller in the bar of that dreamy kitchen? That is brilliant. It would be so convenient to drink wine ALL day long that way! I am tucking that idea away on my future dream kitchen list.

Amy said...

By the way...where is this little gem? Northstar MLS looks like it is local but I couldn't find it on the edina website.

Janet said...

I love it, that kitchenis to die for and the beautiful crown molding in the! Great house to "casualize" and make a perfect comfy home.

Martha said...

It's in Crocus Hill, baybee.

Michelle said...

Too formal for me, but I love the kitchen and the yard. If you can talk them down on the price, we'll help you shabby it up all nice.

Sarah said...

UM I have the SAME bedding and rug as the master bedroom. Damn, I must have some good style! YOW-ZA!!!

Jodi said...

I my word, I lovey. The house that is...not the furnishings. That place looks like the queen should live there.

Barb said...

Like it? I love it! So much potential, and at such a bargain price, too. Have you signed the papers yet?

Penny said...

Oh goodness, I love it!