Friday, November 21, 2008

Progress Photos and More Advice.....

Here is the top part of the hutch....almost finished. I have a couple more coats of black to slap on her and then I need to flip her over and throw on a couple more. I'm pretty happy with it so far!

What do you think?

So now I'm looking at the color for the inside of the hutch top:

When I painted my Mom's bookcases this summer, we went with blue. It's lovely, but we've all seen that combo before, haven't we?

Does anybody have anything different to suggest?
I'm kind of liking the mustard-y tan color (third down from the top), and then for the walls in here, the one right above it:

Though it's not that new or exciting, is it?

Help a sister out! C'mon!

In other news, I made yogurt the other day: I'll talk about it another time, but here's a teaser shot in which my new countertops look nice:

I just downloaded a bunch of photos from the camera and found another action shot from Noodle. These things crack me up:


Michelle said...

My eye went right to the grays--third from the bottom, specifically--but if you're looking to coordinate your wall color, you probably want to stick with something warmer. If you're going to go with the brown shades, I'd use the third from the bottom for the inside of the hutch and the one above that for the walls. I can't wait to see what other people suggest!

I love your new countertops! And I can't wait to hear about your yogurt-making method. I've been a slacker about making it lately, so I need a little kick in the seat to get going again.

I love Noodle's action shots! I'm just curious, is the reindeer towing the car or being dragged behind it? It's a subtle but important distinction to make. Especially for the reindeer.

Anonymous said...

The hutch will look stunning regardless of the colour you want. I like the one you picked out. What is YOUR heart set on? You'll be the one to look at it all the time!

I'm drooling over the countertop. We have ugly white ones here and I like the marbled look...*sigh*...

Lisa said...

...Okay, I would just go with the very bottom one in the browns for inside the library-hutch and the one right above it for the walls.

I cannot believe that Miss Michelle (who hasnt been around my blog lately..MICHELLE!!) and I picked the same exact. Great minds think alike. Eh?

Looks great there girly! Noodles really got the gift for photography, love it!

Guess what, we are going out to the beach tomorrow, celebratin 18 years of wedded bliss, only we have to bring the kids along (Total buzz kill)

Martha said...

Michelle you crack me up. The VERY same thought about the car and the reindeer went through my mind :)

Oh ladies....I don't know. Neither of these colors is really getting me very any other suggestions?


Laurie said...

Your cabinet looks great and I love your countertop! It looks like it? As far as the background color goes, it's hard to say without seeing what you will have inside of it. Another thing to consider might be a pretty patterned wallpaper in a shade close to your wall color. Here's a website for math practice for your Noodle- and My 4th graders enjoyed these websites. I have first grade this year.

Suzy said...

Wow, you know what you're doing with that furniture! It looks great. And it'll look great when it's all done!

MJ said...

Look at this site. I love love love it.

They show this combo: a muted apricot (apricot tart 20C1) for the interior of the cabinet. You've been talking about that color for a while. Then a tan( bourbon 4G1). They show this combo on the link above with ivory accents.

I love how they give you the code #s for your color in different brands of paint.

Have fun.

Sarah said...

I am horrible at paint colors. But I had to comment on the photo, Noodle cracks me up! Molly noticed it was a groovy girl and had to come for a closer look - Noodles first fan!

Martha said...


Do you have any other suggestions? I'm just stumped.

Laurie, no. My countertops are laminate. They're the WilsonArt HD laminate. I just love them. Almost as much as I'd *just love* soapstone or marble :) Thank you SO. MUCH. for the multiplication website for the Noodle. I'm going to get her right on that today. They're starting multiplication right now.

Amy said...

I would check out something in the red family...maybe a rusty red.