Wednesday, January 14, 2009

House Tour!

This one's for you, Miss Jilly!

I was going to pick a more reasonably priced one for you...but it was more of a fixer-upper - so I didn't choose it.

Here's the fixer-
upper's better-looking, well-off twin:She was born in 1928 on 1 1/2 lots and has 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms. There's 2200 sq. feet of living space and the asking price is 549,900. She's situated in just the right spot. We can walk to the grocery store from here, girls! Woo Hoo!

You had me at the entryway:

Man, I'd kill for an entryway like this. It looks like that door just past the stairs goes into the kitchen.

The living room: 24x13

Hello, sweet little dining room chandy! I heart you! Wanna come to my house?

The kitchen....nothing to write about here. It's small - 13x8 - but kinda cute.

Dang. The bathroom photo turned out small:
But it's been re-done and it's pretty cute. It looks like there's a separate shower across from the umm.......throne.

One of the 3 bedrooms:

There's a family room and 1/2 bath in the basement:

The backside of the old girl....

What do you think of her?


Michelle said...

I would give a kidney for a dining room with a built-in hutch and room for a sideboard. Hmm. . . does anyone know an unscrupulous realtor in the Seattle area?

Cutzi said...

This is my perfect house! Is the price normal? Seems a little high...

Dawn said...

Well, I agree with the give-the-kidney-for-the-built-in scenario... thats just beautiful... but all in all, I don't think I like the outside... the style... the paint is so dark, but I can't see it trimmed in any other color...hmmm, but for a lot and a half, and walking distance to the store, I guess I would learn to love it, right? :)

Sarah said...

Man speeendy! Even in this market thats the asking? Must be a good neighborhood. The entryway? To.die.for!

Coastal Nest. said...

Im a sucker for a Tudor. Was raised in one, now live in one. Totally CRAVE it. Excellent informative post, my dear!

now for the best kitchen porn on the internet and in the blogosphere everyone should go over to cote de texas and get schooled by the fabulous Joni.

If you are having dreams of a different kitchen, heres where to come and have a fantasy. TOO DELICIOUS!
glad your back, sister.

Amy said...

I love house tours! That entry is fantastic! They need to switch the pictures...clearly it's been on the market for awhile with all that green grass.

I'm going to send you a suggestion for your next house tour.

Thirkellgirl said...

I like it! Very cute.

The girls said...

hi Martha gracys gotton so big!!!!
the house is pretty!

The girls said...

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The girls said...

I want it! Can we move it to Wisconsin?

Gordostyle said...

I'll take it!


Martha said...

Hi Girls!

Yeah, it's a little spendy, but the neighborhood *is* fantastic.
(Did I just say "fantastic"?)
((Yep. I did. Hmmmm.))

Dawnie: I know what you mean about the color! Our house is a similar color scheme and I'm dying to paint it (but I can't. New Years' Resolution, remember??) but I have no idea what other colors to paint it!

Michelle...keep your kidneys for a few more years. Inflation. The price will go up when you sell and you can get a WAY better dining room :)

PLO said...

I love this house 100% as is! I wouldn't change a thing. I shudder to think how much my parents house in MPLS would be worth today. It was lovely.

Stephanie said...

Absolutely lovely! Her backside could use a little improvement, but then hey, so could mine! :-)

Kimba said...

What a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing it!


jilly said...

LOVE IT! Did I mention that I LOVE it! Showed it to the boy as well, he loved the dining room! Price, about right, but yeah high.