Monday, January 12, 2009

Okay, Okay....

Apparently Mrs. Coastal Nest needs some reading material. So I need to spout off about something.....anything. Well, Auntie Lees? Be careful what you wish for, sister! Here it goes:

1. Christmas around here was very stressful for me. Because I waited until the last minute to do all of our shopping - that's why.
You see, we are not using credit cards at our house. Which sucks at Christmas time because I like to give people stuff, but I can't. Well, not the way I WANT to.
Anyhoo....I didn't get to go crazy with the gifts, so that was a bummer. But we made it through and Santa was kind enough to bring the Noodle a Nintendo DS with the Nintendogs game:

and the American Girl: Julie Finds A Way game:

Which she never gets to play with because she doesn't "do it right".
Only I know how to "do it right".
Yep. I've been taking stellar care of our little puppies. And Julie, the 1974 American Girl? Well, she's thriving - despite her parents' divorce. And she's really making a difference in her community, no thanks to Noodle - who went back to school and totally abandoned Julie in her time of need.
Good thing I've been around to take care of everything.

2. The New Year's Resolutions:
A. I've decided to stick with the exercising 3x a week. It's workin' for me. I like it.
B. I've also decided to ditch all the other resolutions for the time being and I made a new one: To finish up projects that I've already started. It makes sense, right? I'm starting with the Noodle's furniture and the black hutch I've mostly painted but not finished.

3. It's reallyreally hard for me to finish things. Maybe because birth-order wise, I'm the youngest and people have always picked up my slack (Thanks Mom.). Unfortunately, I've also married another last-born. And he is NOT picking up my slack. In fact? He is worse than me at finishing stuff. And this makes for a whole houseful of unfinished projects.

4. I skipped my buddy Liz's New Years Eve party in favor of falling asleep at 8pm. When I woke up at the crack of dawn, there was a finished craft project on the dining room table:

These two stayed up until midnight and rang in the new year with a sissy butterfly craft project:

Ha. Just kidding. Isn't my Zuddy the best daddy?

4. Noodle also got an Easy Bake oven for Christmas:

She ate that little cake all by herself and felt so ill afterward that she had to go and lie down. Probably because we hadn't fed her since breakfast and put her (and ourselves) down for a nap in lieu of lunch. Because we're really good parents like that.

Let's see...where was I?

5. It's been cold here. I don't know why it seems colder than other years, but it just does.
And it makes me want to stay in the house and not leave to do things like: grocery shop.
You know - for food.
To make meals for my family.
Like any Mother worth her salt would do.
I know, I're probably thinking: She tests recipes for a living! How hard can it be? Well, the Noodle is picky and Zuddy doesn't like chicken.
CHICKEN! Who in the world can object to chicken??
Those two totally suck the fun out of cooking for me.

6. I want to further my edumacation. I kind of want to go to culinary school or get a master's degree. I do not have the time or money for either of these ventures. For gawd's sake, I just finished paying off my undergrad degree! Plus? See #3. It's a miracle I got my undergrad.

7. The Container Store. Holy crap. I want to get a job at this place. They just opened a store here in October. I popped over there in November and nearly peed my pants.
I actually did pee my pants a little bit.
I actually do this alot. You know- since I've birthed a child and all.....
**shaking head**
The Container Store.
I've been trying to figure out a way to work there. Purely for the employee discount, of course. Because I want to buy these:

The Portofino Storage box collection.
Made of genuine imitation leather.
Lined in black nylon.
Stylish storage for your paper goods.
$34.99 for the document box.
Includes a delicious packet of silica gel.

I need a bunch of these for the Noodle's school and artwork that I've saved through the years. I thought I'd start with two of them. One for Noodle's stuff, one for all of the crafty stuff I bought for the clipboards I made (but never finished.'s coming, I swear.)

Couldn't do it.
Couldn't pay $70 for document storage. So I left with these instead:
The Translucent Office Storage document box.
Much more budget-friendly.
But no delicious packet of silica gel.

Mrs. Coastal Nest? Are you sorry yet? Did you REALLY want to hear all of this? Because I can keep it comin', sister. I've got more stupid stuff going through this noggin!


Dawn said...

I would like to thank Mrs. Coastal Nest for kicking Martha's butt into gear. I was missin' me some Martha.

I'm a Container Store junkie too... well, window shopper, that is... kind of like a forum lurker, only not in a forum. One day, I'm going to be able to organize my organizers.... then I will be a happy woman.

Brooke said...

Glad you're back...reading you is a great source of entertainment for me! I have tried to convince blonde rascal he needs an easy bake oven...cuz I want it! Oh the memories. The Container Store, stop please...I can't get enough. The closest one to me is in Dallas...4 hrs. away. So I drool over the catalog. Finish, and show us, your clipboards for crying out loud. I neeeeeed to make 3 of them.

Sarah said...

Yea! Way to go Lisa, getting Martha to spout off again! I have missed you! If it makes you feel any better? I was in bed the same time on NYEve..... and I have no bladder control, and won't go to the Container Store- cause I am skeeerd that I will freak out at all of the Organizational ideas. I am so OCD, that would not be helpful to me at all. How cute are N and Z? Seriously?

Suzy said...

Schooling is way cheaper up here, just move on up for a year or two and do your masters!

You can stay in our basement with our cats and my treadmill. I can always help you with your "gym" homework, although I have a feeling you'd be getting your masters in something involving a little more brain activity.

What's your undergrad degree in?

Michelle said...

What a coincidence that Santa brought Noodle games that you like so much--and an Easy Bake Oven, too! It's almost like Santa was saying, "Merry Christmas to Noodle and Martha!" with those gifts. It's really weird how that happens.

I will nobly do my part in helping you keep your New Year's resolutions by holding you to finishing that clipboard. I know, I'm such a saint.

I, for one, can't get enough of your "stupid stuff". Although, I would consider it "miscellanea". Whatever it is, keep it coming!

Laurie said...

I hear you on the cold weather sister! We're having another storm day here and I should be doing something productive, but am I? Course not. I seriously believe all Minnesotans should be allowed to hibernate at home all January.
I have been to the very Container Store you mentioned and it was amazing. I was not that impressed with West Elm however right next door and I was fairly excited about going there.
Good luck with all your resolutions!

Amy said...

I have been to the new Container Store twice...holy's pricey! I went after Christmas too...didn't even have all the Christmas stuff at half off! I have to do my organizing via Target or Ikea.

Martha needs to tatoo a big L on her forehead for skipping a fun New Year's party after promising she would go. All those little girls were having so much fun!

Coastal Nest. said...

Now Thats MORE LIKE IT!!!!

You know I love it when your so mouthy! I also love to see that you can let your darling little girl eat cake anytime, here we let the kids make their own breakfast..sometimes which consists of orange pop and toast, or maybe a brownie and pop tarts..its alright..sometimes we have to be good parents like that!

I am so glad I live in the boon docks and dont have ANYWHERE to shop, because, you know I would be flat broke and have a whole spare bedroom full of containers, but my junk drawers would still be full of junk.

oh, and peeing pants, just a all goes downhill after your 40 and then throw in a few more vaginal deliveries of large kids...uh..kegels anyone??

Thanks for postin, I can now rest easy knowing that my little fartster is still being complacent and irritated with daily life, as is her friend here on the coast in WAshington state..
Marty for Blogosphere President!!!!


everyone misses you!

Gordostyle said...

Ohhhhhh, I LOVE your stupid stuff... er, I mean your rambling... er, I mean your ever-so-make-me-smile-no-matter-what-kind-of-stuff-you-write-about-entries. Seriously... what you call stupid is always awesome! Keep 'em coming! We'll take what we can get around here!

BTW, step away from the DS... it's for your own good. Which reminds me... I need to go see if I can get on level 7 of Super Mario Bros... gotta go! :o)


Barb said...

I am so jealous that you have a Container Store near you. I can spend an hour on their website. Can't imagine the fun I'd have in the actual store.

Hey, glad you're back.

jilly said...

While this is all good and stuff. . .and I just like reading your posts. How about a tour? Tour! Tour! Tour! We want a TOUR!

PS-Let me know the next time you make a stop at The Container place, you know it is in my 'hood!

Penny said...

I'm so glad you are back! I always LOVE reading your entries! You are hilarious woman!

Kim said...

Love this post...I hear ya! I've got so many projects going & yet I keep starting others. Must finish the first ones first...

Anonymous said...